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Truth and Seldom Blue Gifts

I logged in this morning to find a new gift from Truth, plus it is new release day for hair!  yay!  This dress is adorable and then I kind of  Christmas cutesy-d it up even more.   Perion will have my head. 


(click for larger)

~These knit boots are a Midnight Mania gift from dEVOL, but you have to join the group to get on the board. Also, it is a board you need to touch, rather than click on.  I stood there for ages, clicking away until I figured it out.  *rolls eyes at myself*   Also, the target is only 59 hits, so it is filling up really fast. 
~The tights are part of a whole pack of Christmas tights from FakE and they are all really cute! 
~The earrings are a gift from Cailyn’s and I saw her post them on the feed a few days ago.  They are really cute…you can sort of just see a peek of them in the close up though.
~The mouth stocking is another of the new releases from Awesome Blossom.  The stocking is held in your moth with a little nail.  *squeee*  Just as cute as the mitten I blogged here!

Dress:  Truth Group Gift 17 December Martini Dress Holly  Free
 Boots:  .::::dEVOL::::. Knit Boots Red (Xmas Gift)  Midnight Mania Prize – Group Only  Free 
Tights:  *FakE* Holiday Tights Trees  Free
Earrings:  Cailyn’s Xmas Bells Freebie Earrings  Free  
Mouth Thing:  Awesome Blossom Holly Berry Mouth Stocking  (review copy)
Bracelet:  [fairy tail] December 09 Gift  Free 
Skin:  Exodi VIP Group Gift Sienna Soleil Pretty Pretty Princess  250L Join Fee/Free 
Hair:  Truth Lara Espresso  (new release)


I was telling Perion last night that she should pick up the Seldom Blue gift lingerie, but I hadn’t actually tried it on yet.  I had seen pictures on the feed and thought it looked cute.  Then Renee mentioned it this morning and I finally did try it on and wow!  It is gorgeous!!
Since I had it on I took pics…I hope Renee wasn’t planning on blogging it.  😐  Don’t shoot me.  😐

(click for larger)

You need to join the Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue Group and then touch the sign.  There are instructions written out on the display, which is huge, so you can’t miss it. 

Lingerie:  (Seldom Blue) Christmas Lingerie Gift  Free  
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 5  

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose

On a side note, I did go to Le.Look this morning to see if the next part of the avatar was out, but it wasn’t.  The sim was full anyway though.  That sim is seeing some major traffic!  ;p

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