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Rudolph the red nosed….

REINDEER!  There have been a lot lot of different versions of antlers and horns released this holiday season, but these are easily my favorite.    Ivy Graves has outdone herself with this Group Gift, the Reindeer Antlers, ears and twitchy tail.  The group is $250 to join, but gives semi-regular gifts.  My only complaint with the antlers is that they are no mod, so I couldn’t turn off the candle glow for pictures.  Sorry about that, it completely blows out my avatar lighting, and makes it hard to see just how detailed and delicately gorgeous these antlers are.   The second picture, with night lighting and a black background gives you a better idea.  The dress I’m wearing is Kungler’s latest group gift, and the shoes are from Nardotix (Gabby showed them earlier, but they are totally worth a second look.  These are really fantastically well done!)

Click for larger view

Click for larger size

Hair – Truth Lydia – treacle – Not Free
Antlers, ears and tail – Atomic Winter Reindeer VIP Group Gift ($250L Join Fee)
Dress – (Kunglers) Group Gift dec 16 – ($50L Join fee)
Shoes –  NIX Nardotix Kurvy Ruby Slipper – Subscribo Gift

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