Scarfing Catnip

The evening started out innocently enough.

I was over at Creamshop checking out scarves when I received an IM from Hallie asking if I found the Catnip prize in the Down the Chimney hunt. I hadn’t. Neither had she.

I managed to buy just one scarf before deciding to embark on this new quest at Catnip. A quest that took a lot longer than it probably should have. After the second hour passed, I just lost all sense of time really. Was it that well hidden or am I really that ditzy? Perhaps a little bit of both.

I suppose I could have just taken the easy way out and asked someone nearby where it was *cough* but leave it to good ole Trevor to track it down while Hallie and I stood around gabbing about nothing in particular. As we do.

Anyway, without further ado, the ever-elusive Catnip Down The Chimney Hunt Prize – The Balance Ball. Oh, and the scarf I bought. Hee. 

This thing rules! It has a built-in AO that amuses the hell out of me.

click to enlarge


Hair: – Jasmine.2 – Paranoid Black

Skin: -Belleza- Jesse Sunkiss 4

Eyes: poetic colors eyes by LL  – ocean mist

Lashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Lush)    

Scarf: {Creamshop}  Linen stole muffler (Rouge)

Sweater: Aurora Shop, Nezumi sweater long (I modified the hell outta those prim sleeves)

Jeans: [N] artist jeans – dark – paint 1

Boots: ANEXX_Leather Riders Boots, Red

Ball: Catnip Balance Ball



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