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69L Humpday, Xmas Freebies and Hunt Gifts!

I have been working on this post for a couple days and as new gifts are released, I keep adding to it…so it has gotten a little out of control.  Please forgive me if I ramble on…

First up though is some 69L Humpday stuff and Truth!


(click for larger)

~This outfit started with this adorable cardigan which is one of the 69L Humpday offerings from Moonshine Designs.  Love!!  So very cute and really nice textures.
~Then when I logged in, Truth dropped a new Group Gift on his subscribo members.  This scarf is fantastic and comes in a bunch of colors.  I loved the yellow stripe with the cardigan.  The hair is also by Truth and is one of 4 new releases today! 
~The boots are one of the prizes from alaMood for the Silver and Gold Hunt.  You are looking for 2 silver and gold bells in the store.  One is up high, and one is somewhere you sit.  😛  The rest of the outfit is a mash up of previous freebies.

Cardigan:  Moonshine Hearts Cardigan Glitz  69L Humpday Special 
Scarf:  Truth Group Gift December Lygon Scarf (yellow stripe)  Free 
Boots:  alaMood Silver & Gold Hunt Gift #12 Short Stack Boots Aged Coal  Free 
Tank:  Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank – Beige 
Skirt:  Jill DR Black (part of previous Lucky Board gift) 
Leggings:  Concrete Flowers Simple Leggings Moss  (previous weekly dollarbie)
Bracelet:  Ume Mode Stone Change Bracelet 
Hair:  Truth Lydia Espresso
Picture taken in the adorable house that Perion decorated for our land.  She should hire herself out, for reals.


Next up is another of the 69L Humpday deals…

(click for larger)

~I picked up this fantastic necklace while I was in alaMood.  There is also a set of matching earrings available.  The texturing on the chain on this necklace is wonderful.
~The cardigan is from Concrete Flowers and is 1L for today only as part of their Christmas Calendar.  I hope you are hitting up KOSH and Concrete Flowers every day.  The gifts have been great!  This cardigan is a new release and is available in other colors for only 135L.
~The skin is the latest Exodi VIP Group Gift and is just gorgeous.  There is a 250L join fee, and if you haven’t joined yet, this skin is totally worth it. 
~The jeans are from Tuli’s 50% off sale and are only 45L!
~The earrings in the facial close up are a dollarbie by La Forgia Jewels .  They are in the same location as Tuli .  This is a temporary location while the store is being rebuilt. 

Necklace:  alaMood Kalnera Pendant 69L Humpday Special 
Sweater:  Concrete Flowers Christmas Calendar #9 Bean Cardi Green  1L Today Only 
Earrings:  La Forgia Jewels “Vertigo Earrings” 1L  
Tank:  Ohmai Starlust Garbage Hunt Basic Thrash Tank Maroon 1L 
Jeans:  Tuli sUmi Jeans  45L  
Skin:  Exodi Sienna Nuit Pretty Pretty Princess Free/250L Join Fee 
Hair:  Truth Keira Blood 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Christmas Fairy Eyes Free 



(click for larger)

~Okay..so this cute little parka from Touche’, which is from the Down the Chimney Hunt, Renee already showed you.  But we were both working on posts at the same time and I had spent like 2 hours making an outfit around it, so I am blogging it anyway.  😛  I adore the texturing on this jacket, it is so realistic.
~The scarf is from CLEMATIS and there are both male and female versions free here, and you get them in 4 color variations.  In this same location is the Perterb/ation Christmas Gacha.   It is 30L per play and I won this fabulous Christmas skybox.  The texturing in this is so rich and warm.  I also won the fireplace and the christmas tree.  There are about 15 items you can win in this Gacha.  A couple of the items I didn’t love, but the skybox and the fireplace made it worth it!
~These leggings were one of the Concrete Flowers Christmas Calendar gifts and came in 4 colors.  Again, I hope you guys are going every day!  Yesterday, KOSH had a fantastic vest, but I wasn’t home and didn’t get to blog it.
~As I was working on this outfit, I saw that Deviance has a free pair of boots out and they matched this jacket perfectly!
~The adorable hair is a new group gift from Junwave.  There are group joiners all down the middle of the store, between the vendors, if you need to join.

Jacket:  Touche’ Chimney Hunt #39 Ski Bunny Parka Rockin’ Pink  Free 
Scarf:  Clematis Neck Warmer gray + white (4 colors)  Free  
Leggings:  Concrete Flowers Christmas Calendar #7  Wishmas Leggins 1  1L 
Boots:  Deviance Holiday Boots Gift Color  Free 
Belt:  alaMood Chimney Hunt #6 La Rue Belt Silver Free 
Skirt:  WhoNose Subscribo Gift Sanna Berry (skirt only)  Free 
Sweater:  Mischief Bell Flower Charcoal  (review copy) 
Skin:  Exodi VIP Group Gift Sienna Soleil Pretty, Pretty Princess Free/250L Join Fee
Hair:  Junwave Group Gift Marie  Free
Skybox, Fireplace and Tree:  Perturb/ation Christmas Gacha 30L per play



This last look only includes a couple freebies…

(click for larger)

~These corset overalls are a Christmas Dollarbie from Cynful.  I think they are great and they come with a white lace version also, or you can wear the corset without the lace.
~The scarf is actually part of a complete outfit from Curious Kitties.  I wasn’t wild about the rest of the outfit but I adore this scarf!
~The bracelet is the December Group Gift from [fairy tale].  It is available in the store.  Touch the vendor wearing your group tag.

Outfit:  Cynful Xmas Special Corset Overall  1L 
Scarf:  Curious Kitties Free Winter Cutie Outfit (Scarf Only)  Free 
Bracelet:  [fairy tail] December 09 Gift  Free 
Hair:  fri.day Dylan Sensitive Black  75L 
Skin:  Exodi Sienna Nuit Pretty Pretty Princess Free/250L Join Fee 
Boots:  Pixel Mode Danielle Knee Boots Smoke 
Glasses:  Kalnins Sunglasses Voyage  (review copy)

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose  

  1. shelly toonie
    December 9, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Great look! And how about that cardigan matching Truth’s gift on the same day? Yeah we totally planed that

  2. Treble
    December 9, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    Ooo such a cute photo you did of the parka! Great job and hope you enjoy it…I will be bringing out other colors soon!

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