Skins and Scarves

So, these are the last of the free skins that came out when I was moving.  I am sure they have all been blogged but I don’t like leaving things unfinished, so I am bloggin ’em anyway.  😛

Plus, I am totally into scarves this year and a lot of really nice ones have been released as gifts.  Again, you may have seen them blogged, but I wanted to anyway…cuz I’m stubborn like that.


(click for larger)

~Up first is this pretty skin from IrEn, which is in the group notices.  You should hurry on this, as it has been out for a while.  Search :::: IrEn ::::  Designs and check the notices. 
~This scarf is from G Field and is a freebie at this huge Christmas Market.  When I got the notice from G Field, I ran over and checked around for other freebies but I didn’t find any.  It was super laggy, and the place is huge, so maybe I missed some.  But this scarf was worth the trip…you get it in both red and white. 
~The sweater is a freebie by MeteoRain and I picked it up a couple weeks ago when I was getting the free necklace I previous blogged. 
~The mouth thing is from [LP] and there are 2 styles available for 1L each. 

On another note, how cool is this sim by AM Radio?  The sky is amazing.  That man is so talented. 

Sweater:  MeteoRain Knit1 Red  Free 
Scarf:  GField Muffler Holiday Set Red  Free 
Leggings:  Jill Group Gift Leggings Black Free 
Skirt:  Jill DR Black/orange (Former Lucky Board Prize)  
Mouth Thing:  [LP] Holiday Peppermint Stick  1L 
Armwarmers:  Duh! Arm Warmers Scarlett  
Vest: Long Vest Black 
Boots:  Decoy Jully Boots Onyx 
Skin:  :::: IrEn ::::  Designs Group Gift Shane pale nude frex  Free 
(join :::: IrEn ::::  Designs in world, check notices)
Eyes:  Shine Silent Lucidity Mardi Gras  Free 
Hair:  Exile Monica Chimera (review copy) 
Location:  AM Radio at IDIA Laboratories


Next up is this wonderful opening gift skin from Heartsick

(click for larger)

~Again, you might want to hurry as I don’t know how long this skin will be out.  It is so adorable.  The lips are fantastic, the freckles are perfectly done and I love this eye makeup.  The gift skin comes in all tones.
~The eyes are a freebie by Shine called Mardi Gras and are very pretty.  There are several other freebies available there, including another set of eyes I will show later.

The body of the Heartsick skin:

(click for larger)

~The lingerie is another of the free sets available at Movin Creations. 

Skin:  Heartsick Opening Gift Serenity Bliss Dark Shines (c) Freckle  Free 
Hair:  Exile Monica Chimera (review copy) 
Eyes:  Shine Silent Lucidity Mardi Gras  Free 
Lingerie:  Movin Creations ROSS  Free 


Now more scarves!

(click for larger)

~The scarf on the left is a Group Gift from Find Ash and is texture change!  Go to the store and join the group, then touch the sign on the wall.  There are quite a few group gifts still available there.
~The scarf on the right is a Gacha from DPyumyum.  Only 30L per play and there are a bunch of colors in the machine.  Love this one!  There is also a pair of shoes in the DPyumyum group.  Join Double Paradox and check the notices.  I haven’t had a chance to blog them but they look cute!
~The skin is the Group Gift from Free Speerit and it is HOT!  Probably the best ethnic skins I have seen on the grid.  Join the in world group and check the notices. 
~The eyes are another of the freebies from Shine.

Scarf:  Find Ash Group Gift Gothic Stole (color change)  Free  
Eyes:  Shine Lustrious Aurum Free 
Dress:  *Linc* Sweaterdress Black (review copy) 
Hair:  Truth Trina Mocha

Scarf:  DP yumyum gacha muffler 6  30L 
Hair:  Truth Penelope Espresso 
Skin:  Free Speerit Group Gift Fiona Gold Glow  Free 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose 

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