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Mischief and AtomicBambi

Mischief and AtomicBambi kindly dropped a couple review items on me and I loved them both.  Now that I am back I want to show these to you before I get back into hunting down freebies.  Although…there are a couple freebies in this post…you all know me, I can’t not include a good freebie!  😛


(click for larger)

~Janie Marlowe of Mischief sent me these adorable Bitty Bolero sweaters.  They are so cute and well textured and have prim cuffs, collar and waist tie.  They come in an array of colors and are only 150L per color!  I just love these for winter!
~The baggy socks are also from Mischief and are the November Group Gift.  I am not sure if previous gifts are available in the subscribo, but if not, hit it up anyway.  Janie sends really nice gifts frequently!
~The tank I put under the sweater is from Ohmai and is from the Starlust Garbage Hunt.  Look around the store for pieces of trash and you can find a bunch of color pack of these tanks for only 1L each.  I found 4 color packs. 
~The necklace and earrings are from Dark Mouse and are only 50L until the 30th.  This is part of the sale I blogged yesterday.  I really love these Moon & Star sets and it worked perfectly with this sweater.
~The new Sara skin is from AtomicBambi and I will be showing a lot more pictures further down in the post.  I just love these skins, they are so soft and pretty.  If you go for a hand drawn type skin these are totally for you!

Sweater:  Mischief Bitty Bolero Cherry  150L per color 
Socks:  Mischief November Group Gift Baggy Socks Charcoal  Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Christmas Fairy Eyes  Free 
Tank:  Ohmai Starlust Garbage Hunt Thrash Tank Pitch  1L 
Necklace and Earrings:  Dark Mouse Moon & Stars  50L 
Bracelet:  Duh! Onyx/Silver Bangle 
Belt:  Dark Mouse Vinyl Fun Belt Black (review copy)
Jeans:  Decoy Inferno 88 Charcoal 
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Boots:  Studio M’z Western Boots Black (foot only) 
Skin:  AtomicBambi Sara Sunblush DK Siren Frex Gloss  975L (3 brow shades/freckled and non)

Location:  Evie’s Closet – Oubliette 


(click for larger)

~Here are a couple more of the colors available in the Mischief Bitty Bolero.  If you click for a larger version of the picture you can really see the textures. 
~These are 2 more colors of the tanks from Ohmai also.  The store is on several levels so be sure to check each level for the bits of trash.  

Sweater:  Mischief Bitty Bolero Plum
Tank:  Ohmai Basics Thrash Tank Lilac  1L  

Sweater:   Mischief Bitty Bolero Cocoa
Tank:  Ohmai Basics Thrash Tank Pig 1L 
Hair:  Truth Cameron Night 


(click for larger)

A close up of the AtomicBambi Sara Skin.   You get 12 skins for 975L, because with each pack you get 3 brow colors and both freckled and non-freckled.    This is Sara Sunblush DK Siren Frex Gloss.
~The eyes are the newest freebie from Poetic Colors, and are part of the new Fairy line.  Also, if you head across to Kusshon, there is a free advent wreath near the front of the store. 


(Click for larger)

~The body of the AtomicBambi skins are very soft and pretty.  I am not a huge fan of the nipples on this skin, but since I never get naked it doesn’t really matter.  😛 

Lingerie:  Movin Creation MEFA  Free  
Skin:  Atomic Bambi Sara Sunblush DK Cleo Frex Gloss

Some of the other makeups…they were all so pretty I had a really hard time deciding which to show!

Also, if you click for larger, you can see the details much better.


(click for larger)

Atomic Bambi  Sara Sunblush DK Allure Gloss
Atomic Bambi  Sara Sunblush DK RokStarr Frex Gloss


(click for larger)

Atomic Bambi  Sara Sunblush Lt Rose Frex
Atomic Bambi  Sara Sunblush Lt Shy

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose

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