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Bucharest Afternoon

At the prodding of some friends I’ve been checking out some of the listings in the Destination Guide, and the Showcase (in the search box).  If you are a longtime resident who’s mostly oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve shopping or building, (ie: me), I highly recommend it.  Turns out, there are a ton of really interesting, elaborate, creative and educational sims out there.   Who knew?  Today I landed in Virtual Bucharest and enjoyed strolling around and getting the builder’s vision of that storied city.  And of course, I was wearing a few new things and a few freebies while I soaked up the atmosphere. 


Hair – Maitreya “Green II” – Chestnut – $225L
Skin – Free Speerit Katherine (Glamour) – Review Copy
Eyes – ::Duh!:: Real Eyes Deepest Hazel – 10L for 12 colors
Jewlery – Dark Mouse – Bnk’s Closed Necklace – Copper (review copy)
Dress – (Kunglers) Group Gift – Nov22
Boots – Vinyl Cafe Red Boots – Free (in the “hunt”… but they are sort of sitting right out in the open)

Hair – [Tiny Bird] Hey Jude II Pomegranate – former hunt gift
Skin – Free Speerit Katherine (Glamour) – Review Copy
Eyes – ::Duh!:: Real Eyes  Hazel – 1L in Store
Sweater – +KiiToS!! Lentotahti + Long Gown *Burlywood* –
Sweater Dress – *Linc* Sweaterdress Bulgarian Rose – Review Copy
Tights – ::Duh!:: Black Knit Tights – $10 for 5 pair
Belt – ::Duh!:: Crocodile Belt – Brown
Jewlery – **DM** Eleni Earring – Review Copy
Boots – *G Field* Long Fur Cuff Boots – Brown – 180L

Photos – Virtual Bucharest

  1. November 25, 2009 at 12:03 am

    I like the second look. The boots are so great

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