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Let’s Get Physical!

Just a quick one to show you one of the many gifts in the “What’s New SL” group, the “cropped sweat shirt and sweat pants” from Stellar Designs.   I’m also wearing the WNSL gift from Magika “Diva”, and my new dollarbie Retro Hightop Leather Sneakers.  For quite a while I’ve been wearing the really versatile tanks from Armidi (and I still love them), but I finally got around to making some of my own.  The white one I’m wearing is currently one Linden in the store, and comes on all layers.  Lastly I wanted to show you the current LeeZu Baxter Subscribo gift, “BohemeMia Jewlery”.  It’s absolutely amazing up close, and the pieces are fun funky and really stylish.  Thank you so much LeeZu!

Click for larger version



[Stellar] Track Suit and Magika Hair, currently in the “What’s New SL” in-world Group

White Tank Top and Orange Retro Sneakers, currently 1L at ::Duh!::

BohemeMia Jewlery, Subscribo Gift from LeeZu Baxter  (I had to cam behind the wall to find the subscribo, LeeZu is doing some work on the store)

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