It’s Friday Again!

And we all know what that means!  The best day of the week, 50L Friday!  For me, this week, it was about vests and winter accessories and some fabulous jewelry by Miel.


(click for larger)

~These vests are by Pig and I just love them.  I got one in the Trapped in the 80’s Hunt but hadn’t been able to work it into a post.  I love it, but it is bright blue and it just hadn’t worked with any of the outfits I was blogging.  These two colors were easy though! 
~The jewelry on the left is from Miel and it is wonderful.  Beautifully textured chunky wooden pieces and leather cording.  These will be so versatile!
~The scarf on the right is from artilleri and you get two colors.  I am so in love with scarves lately so I was psyched to see this offering from artilleri.   

On a side note, Perion is going to give all sorts of crap for my belly showing in that second pic.  But I swear!  I couldn’t find a shirt with an underwear layer that worked!   *hides*

Jewelry:  Miel Cue Set  50L
Vest:  Pig Draped Vest Arizona Mud   50L
Jeans:  Fishy Strawberry Equinox Jeans Siena (previous 50L Friday)
Tank:  Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank Beige 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Deep Tan 15 Cleavage 
Hair:  Truth Lucy Mahogany  25L

Vest:  Pig Draped Vest F’kin Pink  50L 
Scarf:  artilleri Taylor Scarf Stripes red/aqua  50L 
Tee:  Dreams Plain Tee Baby Blue  (review copy)
Jeans:  Naive Jeans Capri Gray 
Bracelet:  Spork silver bangles 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 8 
Hair:  Truth Mavi Espresso 


In these next looks, I have some 50L Friday stuff and then another look that is completely unrelated.  I took the pics last night though, so I am working it in.  Deal.  ;p

~For 50L Friday, there is the hair from Lamb which is adorable.  I would demo though, because this is a hair that will stick in your boobs if you have any.  ;p  I love this blue vest from Schadenfreude.  It is wonderfully textured both front and back.  The adorable earmuffs are by artilleri and you get a whole bunch of colors.  So cute!
~The tartan tights are a free gift at S@BBiA that I picked up when I was getting the skirt in the next outfit.

~So, the red plaid skirt.  I think this is darling.  It is part of a group gift currently available at S@BBiA.  I just love the lace underlay.  You need to join the group and touch the sign in the store.
~I added a cardigan from [Miseria].  There is a current gift in the subscribo, which is this cardigan in a different color.  I used the previous gift because it went better with the skirt. ;p  But the current gift is also wonderful.  This is a fantastic piece, no matter what color it is!
~The cute little hat hair is from Liriope and is a Gacha prize.  The hat and the flower are both color change.  It is only 30L to play and it comes in a bunch of different hair colors. 

Vest:  Schadenfreude Danger Deep V Vest  50L  
Earmuffs:  artilleri Knit Earmuffs blue  50L 
Hair:  !lamb Say Twix/Highlighty  50L 
Tights:  S@BBiA Gift Tights Blue   Free 
Sweater:  MichaMi Pippa Jumper in Black  
Skirt:  Jill Lucky Board Prize DR Black/Orange (Skirt only)  Free 
Bangle:  Dark Mouse Heavy Metal Bangle  (review copy)  
Skin:  Dutch Touch Special no2 Caramel (former subscribo gift) 

Skirt:  S@BBiA Group Gift No. 5 Skirt Only  Free 
Cardigan:  [Miseria] Ash Cardigan Mulberry (there is now a different color in the subscribo)  Free 
Sweater:  MichaMi Pippa Jumper in White 
Hair:  :Liriope: Gatcha MOG plum  30L 
Necklace:   Bliensen + MaiTai Ottobre Necklace (former Juicy Sim Gift)
Tights:  Mischief **Mis** Fire Side Tights (part of outfit) 
Skin:  Dutch Touch Special no2 Caramel (former subscribo gift) 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose  and Peppermint Blue   

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