Not Just 50L Friday

I only picked up a couple things in 50L Friday today, but I have some other sale and free/cheap stuff I wanted to show. 


(click for larger)

~I got this cute dress/top from Doppleganger for 50L Friday.  It can be worn several different ways, but once I saw the hair from Clawtooth, I decided to go with a bit of a 50’s librarian look.  The hair, with the kitten in it (which is optional, btw) is just so adorable.  Who doesn’t want to wear a kitten in their hair?? 
~This gorgeous skin is a gift from Beauty Avatar.  I love the lips and the eye makeup is really nicely done.  The body is hand drawn and very soft and pretty. 
~The glasses were a welcome gift on the artilleri subscribo.  I am not sure if they are still being given out, but I ❤ them.

Top:  Doppelganger Inc Sweetheart Tartan Green set  50L 
Hair:  Clawtooth Mrs. Kittens Girl Next Door  50L 
Pants:  Ume Mode Group Gift Choco Pants  Free  
Skin:  Beauty Avatar Daria Skin Gift  1L 
Glasses:  artilleri Subscrib-o-Matic Welcome Gift Gladys Glasses  Free 
Jewelry:  Dark Mouse Shell Flower Necklace and Earrings (review copy)
Bangle:  Dark Mouse Whimsy Wood Bracelet   (review copy)
Belt: Wide Waist Belt Burgundy 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Endless Summer (former gift) 


(click for larger)

~I have had this sweater from *Connors* for a few days, but have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to blog.  This sweater is fantastically textured and comes with perfectly done prim cuffs.  It also comes with an brown tailored shirt to go under it, but I decided to add a dollarbie black top I got at C’more
~Hair is from the 25L Truth Retirement Sale, and has a texture change band.  I did some damage there, I tell ya. 
~The stockings are free from Reale, and come in both black and white. 
~The necklace is not free but is a new release from alaMood.  I really like this piece a lot and think it lies very nicely on your neck.  Sometimes a fitted necklace like this just doesn’t seem to fit right, but this one does!  Thanks, Jori!
~The skin is the new Sienna line from Exodi.  I think these skins are gorgeous.  I love the lips on them.  Exodi gets better and better with each new release!  Thank you, Ryker!

Sweater:  *Connors* Group Gift Sweater Violet and Choco Shirt  Free 
Top:  C’more Belted Pin Stripe Corset  1L 
Stockings:  *Reale* Free Tights Black Lace  Free 
Skirt:  Jill Lucky Board Prize DR Black/Orange (Skirt only)  Free 
Hair:  Truth Rachel Sangria  (texture change band)  25L 
Boots:  Maitreya Group Gift SoHo Boots Patent Mix  Free 
Skin:  Exodi Sienna Vivante Candycane  (review copy) 
Necklace:  alaMood Athshe Gold  (review copy)  


While I was doing 50L Friday, I got a notice from Haute Style & Co. about a 50% Off Sale which will run through the weekend.  I ran over and picked up…

(click for larger)

~these two fabulous slip dresses!  They are only 138L each and I think they are wonderful!  There are also some really gorgeous gowns on sale.  I didn’t buy one because I never wear gowns but I was so tempted.  Especially by one on the other side of the new release wall.  I nearly broke down and bought it.  😛  Oh, that reminds me…the new releases are not on sale. 
~The jewelry in the 1st photo is all by Dark Mouse.  The necklace and earrings are a Picks Reward and the bangle is only 10L in the Discount Store.

Dress:  Haute Style & Co. Cricket Blue 50% Off Sale  138L
Necklace & earrings:  Dark Mouse Picks Reward #3 Feeling Blue  Free 
Bangle:  Dark Mouse Discount Store Sea Diamond Bangles 10L 
Skin:  Exodi Sienna Vivante Snow (review copy)  
Hair:  Truth Jasmine Copper 25L

Dress:  Haute Style & Co. Midnight 50% Off Sale 138L   
Earrings:  Exodi Invite Only Hunt Gift #16 Analue Earrings  Free 
Necklace and Bracelet:  alaMood Athshe Gold  (review copy)  
Skin:  Exodi Sienna Soleil Poker Face (review copy)  
Hair:  Truth Lucy Mahogany 25L  



(click for larger)

~While I was at Haute Style I picked up their montly gift.  It includes this cute duo tone top, and also comes with pants.  I thought the pants brought the outfit a little over the top 😛  so I added some other stuff.  On this top, btw, you need to edit the prim and tint it back to white.  It is tinted gray and does not match, which I think is a problem from a previous viewer.
~I added a few things I liked from the Trapped in the 80’s Hunt, that Renee hadn’t covered in her post.  The shorts, leggings, neko bits and necklace are all from [b.nuts].   The neko tail and earrings are so cute and have a little rubick’s cube hanging from them.  There is also an 8 Ball necklace in this gift that I liked a lot.
~The 80’s signs, frames and lamp are from FRAMED.  Very cute if you ever want to do some 80’s decorating or throw an 80’s party.
~The skin is the Exodi VIP Group Gift, and is from the new Sienna line.  There is a 250L join fee but it is really worth it.  Ryker has been SO generous with gifts!

Top:  Haute Style & Co. Zig Zag Top  Free 
Shorts and Leggings:    [b.nuts] Trapped in the 80’s Hunt Gift #25 80’s Female Pack   Free
Neko bits:  [b.nuts] Trapped in the 80’s Hunt Gift #25 80’s Tail and Ears  Free
Necklace:   [b.nuts] Trapped in the 80’s Hunt Gift #25 Record Necklace  Free
Bracelet:  Kosh Trapped in the 80’s Hunt Gift #6 Gloomy Bracelet   Free
Hair:  Truth Jasmine Espresso  25L  
Skin:  Exodi VIP Group Gift Sienna Vivante Sugar Crystals  250L Join Fee/Free
Eyes:  Exodi Look into my Eyes Blue  (review copy)
Signs and Lamp:  FRAMED Trapped in the 80’s Hunt Gift #20  Free 

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose some from 50L Friday


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