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Instead of a massive 50Linden Friday post

… which I could do, cuz I bought almost ALL of it, I’m going to show you a few more holliday freebies.  The “Queen of Hearts” on the left is a Ho-wear daily freebie, which means it’s only free till 8:00.  It’s exceptionally well done and the skirt is really beautiful.   The dress in the middle is from Ivalde and went to her subscriber group today.  The detail on the bodice is worth seeing in the larger size picture.  The outfit on the right is the group gift from the always generous Lexi at Stellar Designs.  This profile group used to be “pay” to belong, but it’s currently free.  I don’t know for how long.   The hair on the left is from Tiny Bird for 50L Friday, and can anyone tell me how to script a hot-key for the phrase “the hair is from Truth”, cuz naturally, the other hair is from Truth.

Click for larger view


Skin – Blowpop N2 Elizabeth – toneD – Group Gift
Hair – Tiny Bird “chelsea Hotel – Brownie
Hair – Truth “Hannah” – treacle (not free)
Dress – Ho Wear “Queen of Hearts” – Free till 8:00 PM
Dress – Ivalde “Halloween Gift” – “Halona Peach” – Group Gift
Outfit – [Stellar] Women’s Halloween Group Gift
Shoes – ::Duh!:: Orange Leather Pumps 20L
Jewlery – Cest Moi “Necklace” – Lucky Cupcake

Poses – Glitterati  “Fashion” pose pack, 100L on sale right now

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