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Hunt Mash-up

Halloween is clearly THE big holliday in SL.  (Go figure… a holiday that celebrates imagination, role play and dressing up would be popular with these folks)  There are so many great sim-wide and grid-wide hunts right now, I’m just going to show you a few of my favorite finds. 

You are looking for 12 nice sized pumpkins in the atomic hunt, and none of them were too terribly hard to find.   The Sunny Sim hunt has you looking for large bones, but a few of them were tricker.  I found them all in an hour, with a little help from some friends.  Get the hud first and wear it.  As you find each bone, it fills in part of the skelleton.   As of this evening, Sugar Cube was not in the hunt due to computer problems, so you won’t have a complete skelleton when you are done.  After you get a bone, you can go to that store on the sim and ring the doorbell for your treat. 

Helena has you searching the Stringer Mausoleum grounds for teeny tiny twizlers candy, color coded by male/ female/unisex prizes.  These are not easy to find, but the thing is, they are everywhere.  Once you spot one, you’ll see them all over, outside and inside the stores.  I’ve heard there are over 100 prizes and they include hair, skins, clothing and cool halloween decor from C&D Designs.  Some of the decor is up in my store, and you can see it if you come by to grab these arm warmers.  I made them to go with the outfit, so they are for sale in the store for a Linden.  I plan on releasing them in other colors later in the week, and of course, they’ll be cheap.

Picture 1
Skin – [Atomic] Skin Baily-Carmel – Pumpkin 2 – Atomic Sim Hunt
Purple Shirt – Fri.day Sunny Halloween Gift “Longsleeve Layering Tee” – Fri.day Store Hunt Gift
Hair – [Atomic] Creepy Josie Onyx – Atomic Sim Hunt
Necklace – Twosome’s Treat for Halloween – Sunny Sim Hunt
Jeans – [Decoy] Stevens Jeans “Faded Blue” – Sunny Sim Hunt
Hair – [Tiny Bird] Autumn Leaves  in Licorice and Pumpkin – Sunny Sim Hunt
Dress – (Elate!) Eve Halloween Hunt Prize – Sunny Sim Hunt (and blogged previously by Gabby)
Candy Corn Shirt – Fri.day “Halloween.Tee (Candy Corn)” – Fri.day Store Hunt Gift
Tat – [Atomic] Halloween Batwings (black) “New” – Atomic Sim Hunt
All Shoes/Boots and other jewlery – ::Duh!:: (not free)

Picture 2
Male Skin – [Ruin] Lethean Male Dusk Ritual – Stringer Mausoleum Hunt Gift
Male Hair – *TSM* Loaded – S.E. Darkness/Nightshine Red – Stringer Mausoleum Hunt Gift
Men’s Shirt – *TSM* Dude Jacket Ghost Bat in Teal – The Stringer Mausoleum Hunt Gift
Latex Pants – *TSM* Unisex Latex Pants in Candy Corn and Crackle (black) – The Stringer Mausoleum Hunt Gift
Skin – &Bean – Abooga-boogaaah-boogah!!!! Halloween Gift (thanks for the tip Ding!)
Hair – *TSM* Bam! Halloween Orange – Stringer Mausoleum Hunt Gift
Tunic – !Ohmai – Lippin Denim tunic Pumpkin Wash – Sunny Sim Hunt
Female Skin – [Ruin] Lethean Female Dusk Ritual – Stringer Mausoleum Hunt Gift
Dress – (Elate!) Joy – Sunny Sim Hunt
Hair – booN JPN670 – black (not free, not from a hunt)
Necklace – Alienbear design “Bat Necklace” – gift
Tights, Shoes, Arm Warmers – ::Duh!:: (not free)

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