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Specials, Hunts and Group Gifts

I saw on the feed yesterday that The Deck was having an event for Halloween and a lot of the stores would have out sale, cheap or free items so I headed over.  I picked up some fun stuff and worked them into some of these pics.  I also did a hunt yesterday called the Bohemian Hunt.  I didn’t find a lot that I liked but there were a couple gems.


(click for larger)

~This outfit actually started with these fabulous cargo pants from Connors which I saw on SL Good Deals.  Thanks, Gabi!  These are a unisex group gift for Halloween.  Join the group and touch the sign.  It comes with a sweater and socks too that I am not showing.
~The socks are from Miel and are on sale for the Deck Halloween Event.  For only 100L you get these in two colors and they are adorable!
~The lantern hair sticks are also a special at the Deck, from Essentia for only 1L.  Cuteness!  The mouth thing is by Urbanity and is free at the The Deck.
~The earrings are by U&R Dogs and are free at their LVS location, in the pumpkin in the doorway.  There is also an actual door, on the other side of the entry way and if you touch it, you get a random free pair of earrings.  You can get a new pair every 10 minutes.
~The belt is part of the Vellas prize for the Bohemian Hunt.  You know how I love belts with stufffs.  Well, this one is so cute for Halloween.  It even has a copy of the book “Halloween” attached to the back. 
~The tank and corset are a new release by WOE.  I think these are great, and was so happy to see how nicely they went with these cargo pants!   Thanks, Dick!  Love them!

Pants:  Connors Halloween Group Gift Cargo Pants  Free 
Top:  WOE Denim Waist Cinch Midnight 2 adn Charcoal RibTank  (review copy)
Belt:  Vellas Bohemia Hunt Prize #5 Yuushi Halloween  Free
Socks:  Miel LO Refurbished Socks H’ween Colors  100L /2 colors
Earrings:  U&R Dogs Blume Pierced Earrings Aeolian  Free   
Bracelet:  Exodi Summer Lovin’ Wooden (former hunt prize) 
Tattoo:  CyberStar BodyArt Dark Katz Hunt Prize #161 Spider Tattoo   Free
Hair Sticks:  Essentia Lantern Hair Sticks  Free 
Mouth Thing:  *Urbanity* Yummeh Twig  Free  
Boots:  GField Short Belt Boots “Emma”  30L 
Skin:  blowpop N2 Elizabeth tone D 10.1 Absynthe 1  (review copy) 
Hair:  Dark Mouse Cyntra Dark Red (review copy) 


(click for larger)

~This gorgeous gown is the Bohemian Hunt Prize from Marinoco Fashions.  There are several different skirt options.  I am showing the slim gown and the short skirt.  The bodice of this dress is just lovely and there is pretty lacing up the back. 
~The accent color in the gown seemed to go just perfectly with the new Group Gift from Primalot, which is this absolutely stunning necklace and earring set.
~The skin is the most recent group gift from Free Speerit.  I am showing Kathering in the pale tone.  It also comes in medium and tan.

Gown:  Marinoco Fashion Bohemia Hunt Prize #10 Purple Daniela Gown  Free 
Jewelry:  PRIMALOT Group Gift Dark Owl Poisonous Cyan  Free 
Skin:  Free Speerit Group Gift  Katherine Pale  Free 
Lashes:   Cake Bedroom Lashes 
Hair:  Truth Cameron Night 


(click for larger)

~The black dress on the left is the most recent group gift from Lo*momo.  It comes with cute little wings, a necklace and a belt which I have not shown.
~The doll is one of several out for free at Deviant Kitties.  There is also a mummy and a pumpkin head version. 
~The candy corn earrings are a gift from fri.day.  There are 5 gifts scattered throughout the store, 4 of which are cute halloween tops.
~And here is another view of the adorable Miel socks. 

~The dress on the right is a Halloween gift that was sent out by *Solange!* as I was taking these photos, so I had to work it in!  Very pretty and very nicely textured. 
~The tattoo is another one of the gifts from the Deck and is by Rainbow Chasers.  This would be great for any sort of elf or fae costume. 
~The shape on the right is a Halloween freebie out by Body Doubles.  There is also one out for the men.  It is no mod, but is very nice the way it is.

Dress:  Lo*momo Group Gift 10  Free 
Doll:  Deviant Kitties Halloween Witch Rufus  Free 
Earrings:  fri.day Candy Corn Earrings  Free 
Socks:  Miel LO Refurbished Socks H’ween Colors  100L /2  
Bangle:  Dark Mouse Heavy Metal Bangle  (review copy) 
Hair:  Truth Yvonne Caramel 

Dress:  *Solange!* Group Gift Halloween 2009 BOOM Pumpkin Spice  Free 
Tattoo:  Rainbow Chaser Flowers Snow Tattoo   Free 
Shape:  Body Doubles Halloween Gift Arachina   Free 
Skin:  Curio 
Hair:  Truth Makenzie Espresso


(click for larger)

~This pose ball is only 5L at aDorkables for the Deck Halloween event.  There is also a free pose and some poses on sale.  I love this one…it is called “Cutesy” and it really is!
~The jewelry is the latest in world Group Gift from alaMood.  I just love these Bandara sets and this one is in a special stone, just for the group!
~The lingerie is by Blacklace and is one of their prizes for the Mix&Mingle Hunt.  Blacklace does such lovely lingerie.

Lingerie:  Blacklace Mix&Mingle Hunt Gift #24 Belle Forest Green  Free 
Jewelry:  alaMood Boutique Group Gift  Bandara Eel Glass (250L join fee)  Free
Skin:  Free Speerit Group Gift  Katherine Pale  Free 
Hair:  Truth Cameron Night 
Poseball:  aDORKable Poses Cutesy Bubble  5L   

Poses:  Long Awkard Pose   

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