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My last post didn’t have many freebies in it, so I am making up for it with this one.   And the title of the post will make sense if you read to the end.  :p

(click for larger)

~I started this outfit with this cute top from Humming.  The designer seems to always make one color of her new releases a dollarbie, and this is one of several available in the store.   It comes with two different undershirt color options and prim cuffs and collar. 
~The skirt is from Hodgepodge’s Halloween event.  I saw on plurk that most of the stores are supposed to have gifts, but to be honest, I only found a few.  This skirt from Sh*t Happens was one of them and comes with 2 different skirt options.
~The necklace, which I should have taken a closeup of, is one of the Hodgepodge gifts from Otaku.  It is a really nice sculpted spider. 
~The hair I saw on SL Good Deals.  Gabi had shown a blonde version of this hair, and when I went to check it out, I found this brown version.  There is a small opening hunt going on at the YS-Mall.   The hair has a little bit of an alpha issue, but is a cute style and made me feel a little Audrey Hepburn-ish. 😛
~The decorations, earrings and the sitting poses are from an event going on here.  Random pumpkins pop up and you get a prize when you touch them.  The sitting poses are from Diesel Works and their prize also contains a couples pose and beanbag chairs. 
~The boots and tights are by Duh!   You need to go check out these boots, if you haven’t!  So cute and only 25L per pair or a whole fatpack for only 50L!!

Top:  Humming border Tshirt gray/brown  1L 
Skirt:  Sh*t Happens Kellie Halloweeny Wavey Cotton Skirt  Free 
Tights:  Duh! Cream Knit Tights 
Necklace:  Otaku Designs Spider Necklace 1L 
Earrings:  Magpie Dragon Button Earrings w/Fire Open  Free 
Boots:  Duh! Cowboy Boots Brown  25L 
Belt:  Reek I Heart Colors Belt 
Hair:  RubisoHo Hair 04 Soil  Free 
Skin:  Laqroki Dina 07 Nougat 
Display:  Bittersweet Halloween Hay Display  Free   
Lights:  Bittersweet Pumpkin Lights  Free   
Poses:  LAP 50% off sale until Sunday  and Diesel Works     Free


(click for larger)

~This corset is another of the gifts I found at the Hodgepodge Mall, and is by IrEn.  Very nice!
~The bat necklace is a Halloween gift from Alienbear.  This is a beautiful and dramatic piece.
~The hair in both is a Group Gift from Vixen.  Join the group in world and check notices.
~The jeans are a new release from KHUSH, and are very low cut, like the orange ones I used earlier in the week.  😛  I put a long tank under them.  The jewelry is new from Dark Mouse!  Thanks to both designers!!

~The adorable outfit on the right is from the Jill Lucky Board.  Two G’s came up today and I managed to get there in time!  Both outfits are so cute, but this was my favorite.  It come with 2 different color ties and two different cuff options.  Love!!
~The bracelet on the right is one of the weekly dollarbies from KOSH.  I forgot I had it…it will probably only be available for another day. 

Corset:  IrEn Gift Corset   Free 
Jeans:  KHUSH Jeans Black Ripped – Blacklace (review copy)  
Necklace:  Alienbear 2009 Halloween Gift Bat Nacklace   Free 
Bracelet and Earrings:  Dark Mouse Divine Deco (review copy) 
Hair:  Vixen Group Gift Cypress Blackmail   Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Deep Tan 7 Cleavage 

Outfit:  Jill Lucky Board Prize TD Black   Free 
Bracelet:  KOSH Weekly Dollarbie Lotus Bracelet  1L  
Earrings:  Earthstones VIP Group Gift Bullseye Earrings   Free 
Hair:  Vixen Group Gift Cypress Blackmail   Free 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 9 Cleavage


(click for larger)

~This adorable dress from Elate! is the gift for the Hodgepodge Mall event.  I love the lacing on the corset, which will be a wonderful piece to use on its own.  Instead of a necklace, I used the tie from the Jill Lucky Board outfit. 
~The hair is an opening gift from MA*YO  and can be found on a vendor on the floor.  Look down.  😛

Dress:  Elate! Halloween Gift  Free 
Tie:  Jill Lucky Board Prize TD Black Tie Halloween Limited Edition  Free 
Tights:  G Field Update Group Gift Halloween Dress Tights Only  Free  
Bangles:  Armreif Halloween Freebie 008 Halloween 02   Free 
Hair:  MA*YO Asami Hair Red  Free 
Skin:  Laqroki Dina 06 Nougat

These next two outfits is where my post title really came from.  Sometimes I see outfits that get blogged a lot and it makes me not want to show them, even though they might be a quality free item.  When that happens, I love to take pieces from those outfits and make something else.  The two tops I am showing below are actually from dresses that I saw quite a bit on the feeds. 

(click for larger)

~The black top is from the ~momo~ ween dress.  I think that dress is adorable and nicely done, but I have seen blogged a lot.  I took just the top and added…
~Jewelry by Duh! for the Sperm Hunt. 
~Cardigan by MichaMi, which is a DSN gift. 
~Jeans by Emjay for the Mix&Mingle Hunt.
~Belt by *COCO* , which is a group gift, still available in store. 
~and cute little dollarbie hair by *mikan

The other top is from the lastest Eternity Brides Dollarbie.  Again, I saw it a lot, so I took the top and added…
~Jeans by Wave.  This is a store that Perion discovered actually and let me know there is a whole wall of dollarbies and freebies. 
~Hair with tintable bows by Vixen.  This is another Group Gift in the notices of the in-world group. 
~and the necklace that I previously blogged from the LP Designs Lucky Chair. 

Top:  ~momo~ the ween dress (top only)  1L 
Jeans:   Emjay Mix&Mingle Hunt Gift #103 Low Rider Jeans Super Dark  Free 
Cardigan:  MichaMi DSN Gift Carmela Cardie in Pale  Free 
Necklace/Earrings:  Duh! Sperm Hunt Gift Pink Tourmaline Pendant and Dangles  Free
Hair:  *mikan Hair Melmo Black 02  1L 
Belt:  *COCO* Group Gift Belt   Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Autumn Crocus 
Skin:  Laqroki Dina 01 Nougat 

Top:  Eternity Brides Kira (top only)  1L 
Jeans:  Wave Jeans Pearl Snow  Free 
Necklace:  LP Designs Lucky Chair Prize Pearl Necklace Black  Free 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse 30’s Art Deco Mother of Pearl Bracelet (review copy)  
Hair:  Vixen Halloween Group Gift Dolly Hair Blackmail w/tintable bows  Free  
Boots:  BAX Prestige Boots White Leather

All poses unless otherwise credited:  Long Awkward Pose

  1. Renee Harvy
    October 24, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Very nice 🙂

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