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… and moar Blowpop

The second makeup in the “D” tone from the *Blowpop* group gift is equally great.  The gift comes in four tones, but D is by far my favorite.

Click for a larger View

Click for a larger View


Skin – *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth – tone D 10.2 Vapor 2 – Group Gift
Hair – Fri.day Jasmine.2 “Delighted Blond” (not free)
Eyelashes – ::Exodi:: Eyelashes (Fitted for Shape) – Group Gift
Eyes – ::Exodi:: Zbija Spirit (Teal) (lg)(NV) Eyes – Group Gift
Jewelry – ::Duh!:: Semi-Precious Stone Pendant/Bangle/Dangle Turquoise- Silver
Dress – LM Roxy Silver Edition – Roxy Subscribo Gift
Tights – Pixeldolls Leggings Teal Dotted (Old Group Gift)
Cardigan – /artilleri/ Elspeth Cardigan plain (jacket) *teal* (not free)
Boots – ::Duh!:: Women’s Cowboy Boots White – $25L

Poses – Esme for PDA (50 Linden Friday)

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