Halloween Explosion

I keep saying I am not going to cover much for Halloween stuff…but next thing I know, I find some super cute stuff and I can’t help myself!  The designers tend to be extremely generous at Halloween, and there are sooo many hunts going on.  There is a plethora of Halloween gifts to show…so I give in…I am gonna show!


(click for larger)

~This gown, which is the Pumpkin Print Hunt Prize from Inara’s , was what inspired this post.  This gown is amazingly well made, and how awesome would this be for a Halloween Ball?  It is Halloween themed but classy still.  ;p  I love the moon and star motif on the bodice and underskirt.  I wanna go dancing so I can wear this!
~The hair is the latest Lucky Board prize from W&Y.  But you all know me…I can’t just leave things as is, so I tinted it red.  W&Y hair always takes a tint very nicely.
~The crown, which I think is adorable, is a Halloween Gift from Atelier AM, a little store I had never heard of.  I looked around when I was there and they have lots of cute accessories.
~The bracelet and earrings, which I love, and I thought went so nicely with this dress, are free from Perturb/ation at their Gacha location. 
~The hay and pumpkin are part of the (Dernier Cri) Halloween gift.  They are in with the bumblebee costume.
~The broom and cart are from **DP**yumyum and are only 1L each, and you get 3 sizes of the cart!

Gown:  Inara’s Pumpkin Print Hunt Prize #206 Free 
Jewelry:  Perturb/ation Halloween Bangle and Piercing  Free 
Crown:   Atelier AM +*AA*+ Halloween Crown Free 
Hair:  W&Y Hair Lucky Board Prize RunRun (tinted red)  Free
(Dernier Cri) Haystack and Pumkin (in bumble bee outfit)  Free 
**DP**yumyum Halloween Cart (m)  1L 
**DP**yumyum Halloween Broom  1L 


(click for larger)

A close up of the back of the gown, because I think it is lovely and sexy!  And close ups of the jewelry from Perturb/ation. 


(click for larger)

~Multiple Personality Designs has released several more adorable Halloween Costumes and they are all only 1L each!   The Dark Angel (the red costume) even comes with the fabulous fishnet stockings.
~The lamb, which could make you die from cuteness, is a Group Gift from **DP**yumyum.  You need to join the Double Paradox Group and then buy it here.  I could not find a group joiner in the store, but someone had it in their profile.  You can join from my profile, or use search.  The lamb blinks, btw.  *dies*

Costume:  Multiple Personality Designs Halloween Angel  1L 
Sheep doll:  **DP**yumyum Group Gift Halloween Sheep (join Double Paradox and buy here1L  

Costume:  Multiple Personality Designs Halloween Dark Angel  1L
Bracelet:  Primalot Lucky Chair ‘Fourbi’ Bracelet Dark Red  Free 
Necklace:  DeetaleZ Halloween Hunt Silver Cross Necklace (men’s- sized down to fit)  Free 
Boots:  Adam n Eve Skai Boots Red 
Hair:  ::69:: Neguko Off black 


(click for larger)

~This outfit is a mashup of a bunch of different gifts, but it started with the fabulous scarf, which is a gift from -CLEMATIS- at the Perturb/ation Gacha location
~The arm warmers are from anuenue (NoKMaK) and Perion has previously blogged their Gacha gifts.  This set is a Group Gift in the store and comes with a scarf. 
~The top and shorts are from the Relay For Life Hunt at Sassy Kitty Designs.  Look around the store for pink roses.
~The socks are by Bublee Bing and are a dollarbie at the Glamour Expo.  The Expo ends on the 18th, I believe. 
~The adorable Halloween flats are a gift at the 50 Flats Main Store.  There are also gifts at the Harold Location (updated citrus flats) and at the Albero Festival.
~The backdrop is an gift from (iTuTu).  Love it!

Top:  Sassy Kitty Designs RFL Hunt Gift Casual Shirt Grey  Free
Shorts:  Sassy Kitty Designs RFL Hunt Gift Denim Long Shorts Blue Ripped  Free
Socks:  Bublee Bing Glamour Expo Gift Knitted Socks Beige  1L 
Arm warmers:  anuenue (NoKMaK) Halloween Gift (includes scarf)  Free 
Scarf:  -CLEMATIS- Stole#2 for girls  Free 
Shoes:  50 Flats Halloween Ghastly Flats Orange Ghost Free 
Photo Studio:  (iTuTu) Halloween Photo Studio Free 
Poses:  ::AF:: Poses  Free 
Skin in all pics above:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 15 Cleavage 


(click for larger)

~If you haven’t heard, Exodi is having a Halloween Candy Hunt starting tomorrow (Friday) which will run for one week.  There are a ton of cool Halloween themed skins for both guys and girls, and lots of Halloween eyes to be won.  You search for candy bars and click them…sometimes you get a gift and sometimes you don’t.  Be patient, it only took me about an hour to win all the skins!  Plus the sim is fantastically decorated!
~This fun hair is from =TEKUTEKU= and is a Halloween Special for only 30L.  You have a choice of orange or purple. 

Skin:  Exodi Halloween Hunt Lily Dove (Death Becomes-LtBrow)  Free 
Eyes:  Exodi Halloween Hunt Trapped in Amber Free
Hair:  =TEKUTEKU= Halloween Hair 2009 (orange)  30L 
Arm warmers:  anuenue (NoKMaK) Halloween Gift (includes scarf)  Free 

Poses unless otherwise credited:  Long Awkward Pose

  1. October 15, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    That Inara dress is so cool! Good pics too 🙂

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