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It’s really Fall today

It’s overcast with a big storm heading our way (Northern California) so I’m inspired to bundle up in both lives.  Here are a few mash ups with new releases and freebies I’ve gathered to brighten up a gloomy day.  The red dress on the left is a new release from Modd G and I love the look and the detailing at the neck very much.  The skirt has some alpha texture issues (depending on what you are standing in front of) so be warned.  I love the cute hemline enough to wear it despite that.  The olive tights are also part of the new release and come on all layers for $50L per color.  The socks are new from Doppleganger Inc and are so much fun; there’s lots of detail on that buttoned up front. 

The bomber jacket is an instore gift from Ibizzare, and Gabby previously showed you these plaid pants and belt, but I loved them so much I had to show you again.  They were Aleida’s gift for the Glamour Expo and are still out, but I don’t know for how much longer.  The orange “mom sweater” is the new subscribo gift from Barcode.  I absolutely LOVE it.  The texture is great and the collar prim is fully mod, so it actually fits.  Thanks so much Makenzie!  Lastly, the really nicely textured lowrise black jeans are the Mix and Mingle Hunt gift from A.Y.Y.   The sign wasn’t out anymore, so I don’t know how much longer they’ll be there, but the hunt item is there right now, as I post this.

Click for Larger View

Click for Larger View


Hair – Magika “Curl” Black A (blogger appreciation gift) – $99L  per color pack in the half off sale (ends today)
Dress – Modd G – Emma Darling “Reckless Red” (review copy) – $180L
Leggings – Modd G – Basic Stocking {MurkyMud} 1 (review copy) – $50L
Sweater – Tuli – Cable knit cropped vest Sand (previous hunt gift) – (not free)
Socks – Doppelganger Inc. Button Me Up Mountain Valley Socks – Taupe (review copy) – $100 for 5 pack
Boots – J’s Ankle Boots Round (Red Brown) – (not free)
Jewlery – Duh! Jasper Gold Pendant and Dangles – $25L Each 8 pack

Hair – Lamb Stargaze – Mango – Previous 50 Linden Friday buy
Jacket – Ibizarre Black Leather Bomber – Free
Tank – Armidi Sheer Ribbed Tank – Burgundy
Scarf – Edge Grafica Tartan Scarf – still Free
Pants/Belt – *Aleida* Ricci Vintage Plaid Jeans & Apac Belt
Shoes – Duh! Black Linen Flats – 10L

Hair – (Dernier Cri) Madison Brown 9 – Not Free
Sweater – Barcode – “Mom Sweater Halloween Gift” – Subscribo Gift (it didn’t work while I was there, but Makenzie kindly dropped it on me… it should be working soon)
jeans – A.Y.Y. Lovelie Weekend Jeans Hurricane (lowrise) – Mix & Mingle Hunt Gift
Jewelry – Duh! Orange Agate Pendant and Bangle – Free
Boots – Duh!  Lucky Chair Prize

Skin – Belleza – Jesse Deep Tan 5 (Review Copy)
Eyes – [Curio] Tragic Eyes Green – Large (Review Copy)
Poses – KS Creations Pose Package 2 $5

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