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Fab Skin Gifts from *Staged* and [the Plastik]

Luckily, I happened to be in world today when *Staged* sent out a new gift skin.   Otherwise, knowing my history of never getting gift offlines, but always getting spam ones, I probably never would have known about this skin!

(click for larger)

~This *Staged* Elizabeth2 skin is called Crack Whore.  *laughs*  This will be fun for Halloween, or for when you get dumped and have been crying for 3 days straight.  Not that I would know anything about that.  😐
~Gogo just recently started a new blogger group, and lots of designers have been dropping gifts in it.  Contrary to what most people believe, very few bloggers actually get review copies.  But being in this group, I am finally getting a few!  Today, Luck Inc. sent out their new mini dress called Petite.  It is adorable, has wonderful textures, a nicely fitting prim part and comes in a whole spectrum of color combinations.  And it really is petite!
~I put jeans with it, so you all wouldn’t be treated to a view of my vag.  I actually think I have blogged these jeans before but I love them.  They are from Urbanity for the Mix&Mingle Hunt.
~The boots….*sighs*  Aren’t they awesome?  These are one of the latest releases by Kalnins.  The textures are amazing and they are color change to 11 different colors!  If you join the group (there is a spinning thing in the middle of the room) you get a discount when you buy.  With the discount, they were about 730L…which isn’t bad considering you get 11 colors!
~The jewelry is a group gift from alaMood.  Join the in world group and check notices.  You get the necklace, earrings, rings and a bracelet!  Very pretty!  *edited…this was an old gift and soon will be gone, but a new one is coming!  (that’ll teach me to check dates 😐 )

Dress:  *Linc* Petite Cerulean Stripes Pink  (review copy)
Jeans:  Urbanity Mix&Mingle Hunt Prize #69 Ripped Jeans Denim  Free 
Necklace, Earrings, and Ring:  alaMood Group Gift Alkahi Dew Set Gold (join in world group)  Free
Bangle:  AHC Jewelry Fair Gift Salmon/teal bangle 
Boots:  Kalnins Footwear Promenade Boots 
Tattoo:  Aussie Ink Dark Katz Hunt Prize #146 Buddhist mantras  Free
Skin:  *Staged* Group Gift Elizabeth2 Crack Whore  Free 
Hair:  ::69:: Neguko off black   (sim only open to group members) 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Autumn Early Frost 


(click for larger)

~Someone asked in one of the blogger groups this morning where they could get some ripped stockings.  Someone mentioned that there were stockings in the Plastik Halloween Gift bag.  I promptly ran to the Plastik to pick up the gift bag and discovered that it not only contained a ton of stockings, but also this fabulous jacket and a whole bunch of Halloween themed skins!  There are about 8 skins in it, with various types of ghost makeups.  Very cool!  And this jacket is wonderful!  It has a subtle pattern on both the front and the back, and very nicely fitting prim parts.

Jacket:  The Plastik Polaris Jacket Nightfall  Free 
Skin:  The Plastik Halloween Skin Ghost Smoke Shadow  Free 
Jeans:  Papillion Gift Box Cuffed Jeans Black  (blogged yesterday)  Free
Hair:  ::69:: Sweet Devilkin Off Black  300L Join Fee   (sim only open to group members)  Free
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Twilight Cat (former freebie) 

My favorite of the skins was this one….

(click for larger)

This skin is amazing….so creative and original.  I think I will be a skeleton for Halloween just so I can walk around all naked.  Hey…stop looking at my lungs.  😐

Skin:  The Plastik Halloween Skin Skeleton Skull    Free
Hair:  ::69:: Neguko off black 

A close up of the face…

(click for larger)

Really…this skin is awesome.  Somehow it manages to be sexy and creepy all at the same time. 
This cute little hair is one of the new releases from ::69::.  I assume the sim will be open to everyone within the next day or so. 

Poses:  LAP 

  1. leonieszczepanski
    October 12, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Hey Gabby – thanks for some more great posts. You are great at finding cool stuff. I did go to HUCCI for the dress and couldn’t get it from the joiner. Contacted the owner who said that is the way the joiner is set up – so that new joiners don’t get the gift – I guess so ppl can’t just join and leave. But she sent me the dress anyway, hm. I feel that if people want to avoid having people join just for a gift, they should just make the thing free for all and let ppl join who really want to be in the group – not just for the gifts! Frankly that’s the main reason I join fashion groups! Lol! What’s a girl to do to stay free in sl? Learn how to make stuff or get a rl job and not be free anymore! Sheesh! LS

  2. Perion Leominster
    October 13, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Hi Leonie,

    Let me preface by saying that this is a very sensitive subject for me and I don’t even own a store in SL, lol.

    Freebies are a great marketing tool but if people don’t spend money too, there’s really no incentive for designers to release gifts at all. Group notices bring people into the stores to spend money. As an incentive to stay in the group, that’s how the gifts are released: via group.

    More people in your group = more people notified about your new releases, sales, updates, etc. = more sales.

    With this in mind, just making “the thing free for all and let ppl join who really want to be in the group” would be counterproductive, yes? If you really don’t want to be in the group, why should the creator want to give you the freebie? Y’know?

    LOL I just noticed that in this case, it wasn’t even a group. It was a subscribo… which hell, I pretty much join every one I see anyway. They’re free to join and they don’t take up a group slot. Twenty-five is not enough, dammit!

    But I digress. 😐

    Also allow me to add that as someone who has also done it, I completely understand joining a group just for the freebies. But why contact the owner if doing so doesn’t work out to your advantage? Freebies are a gift, not an entitlement.

    And sometimes, you gotta be in it to win it. If you weren’t, better luck next time.

    I’m just sayin’.

  3. Perion Leominster
    October 13, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Oh, and I really REALLY love that skeleton skin, Gabs!!! 😛

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