Hucci, Kosh and ::69::

This dress showed up in my inventory yesterday from House of Hucci.  It is their most recent subscribomatic group gift but, to be honest, I don’t know if it is possible to get past gifts from their terminal because it has been down since last night.  I am gonna show it anyway cuz I took the pictures, dammit.  😛  And it is super sexy!

(click for larger)

Dress:  House of Hucci Group Gift Aja Dress Black  Free
Hose:  [Intimizzio] bella Perle Laced Mesh Set 
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Glamour Necklace Silver  
Earrings:  Dark Mouse Cascading Beads Silver
Bracelet:  Aluinn Black and Silver Deco Bracelet 
Shoes:  Maitreya Verve Pumps Black 
Hair:  Truth Yvette Night 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 0 Cleavage 

House of Hucci happened to send out one of their new releases to one of  the in world blogger groups. 

(click for larger)

This dress may look like your typical little black dress, but it has something unique and different that I haven’t seen before.  The necklace and bracelets are actually part of the prim collar and cuffs.  And they are texture change to about 6 different types of metals.  I though that was very cool! 
This hair is a new release from ::69::  .  The sim is only open to group members right now, and there is a 300L join fee to get into the group.  But there are some amazing new styles, and an adorable group gift that I am going to show you next.

Dress:  House of Hucci Tortue Dress Black (new release)
Hair:  ::69:: Glow 30 Auburn (new release) 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 0 & 1 Cleavage 
Poses in both photos above:  MNK Shop 


(click for larger)

~The sweater on the left is one of the weekly dollarbies from Kosh.  Very cute with nicely done prim parts.
~The lollipop is one of Concrete Flower’s weekly dollarbies.  There is also a dollarbie skull lolly. 
~These black jeans, which I think are fantastic, are a free gift from Papillion
~The boots are from Sassy Kitty and are one of the Relay for Life Rose Hunt gifts.  This hunt goes until October 17th.  I plan to show more of the stuff I got from the hunt in a future post.
~The hair on the rigtht is the ::69:: Group Gift.  Remember, you have to join the group to get on the sim, but if you do, touch the gift, and in the folder is a HUD.  Wear the HUD and you can choose which colors you want for the gift hair, or you can choose them all!  The horns, which are color change, can also be worn separately (but the hair cannot be worn without the horns). 
~The tank is from Zeery and is one of several gifts in the store.  There is also a very pretty scarf for only 5L.

Sweater:  Kosh Weekly Dollarbie Skully Sweater  1L 
Jeans:  PAPILLON Gift Box Cuffed Jeans Black  Free  
Lollipop:  Concrete Flowers Weekly Dollarbie Pumpkin Lolly  1L 
Boots:  Sassy Kitty Relay for Life Rose Hunt Flower Shiny Boots  Free 
Hair:  =ROGE= Hair Group Gift (09.10)  Free 

Top:  Zeery Femme Tank LakeSide Golden Wheat  1L
Jeans:  PAPILLON Gift Box Cuffed Jeans Black  Free  
Hair:  ::69:: Sweet Devilkin Group Gift Off Black 300L Join Fee (sim only open to group members) 
Bracelets:  Dark Mouse Discount Store Buckle Bracelet (all colors) 10L 
Necklace:  CheerNo. Mix&Mingle Gift #79 Leather Necklace  Free
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Group Gift Sunkiss Cleavage  250L Join Fee 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Autumn Crocus 
Poses:  S.LOVES 

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