Nymphetamine Boutique

I love that name!  A couple weeks ago, Perion and I had review copies dropped on us from a store neither of us had heard of called Nymphetamine Boutique.  Perion went to check it out and said they had very nice gowns and lingerie and suggested I go look, because it was more my style than hers.  I did and I was very impressed! 
Nymphetamine is a very interesting store, with very nicely textured and well designed clothing and a nice store layout and design.   A lot of the clothing tends towards a bit of a goth look and yet, even though I am not a goth girl, there was a ton of stuff I wanted! 

This is the outfit that was dropped on us. 

(click for larger)

I put this outfit on and immediately fell in love.  A fun design, nice texturing and prim work, but most of all…look at that hat!!!!    I immediately TP’d Perion over and we both decided this is the best SL hat ever.   The whole outfit is fabulous, but that hat…it totally makes the look!

(click for larger)

The feathers, the netting…it is fantastic!  I wanna go to a gothy SL wedding so I can wear this hat.  😛

The skin I am wearing is from Pink Fuel and is a prize in the Love/Hate Birthday Hunt which runs until the end of the month.  Yes, it is pink…but spectacular nonetheless.  It is from the new Skye line and you all know how awesome those skins are!  And with the eyemakeup, it seemed to compliment this outfit. 

The hand tattoo is part of a small hunt going on until the 15th, called the Haloweeeen Hunt.  Yes…spelled that way.  This is an extremely hard hunt.  You are searching for black witch hats, most of which are hidden against black backgrounds.  I had to use wire frame to find most of them.

The necklace is a new release from Dark Mouse.  Thank you, Mouse, I love it!!  I am wearing the silver, but you have your choice of 3 metal tones.  This is a fabulous piece and really seemed made for this dress. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my BAX boots lately?  I think I pretty much never take them off.  😛  Every detail in these boots is breathtaking.   

Dress and Hat:  Nymphetamine Boutique Paeoti Tulli Dress Black     550L
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Divine Deco Necklace Silver 
Hand Tattoo:  **WM** **heureux** Haloweeeen Hunt Prize  Free 
Skin:  Pink Fuel @ Love/Hate Hunt Prize Skye <pinkish> Nightfall  Free  
Stockings:  Dawn’s Freebies Black Fishnet Pantyhose w/seams  Free on Xstreet 
Boots:  BAX Prestige Black Leather 
Eyes:  Curio Group Gift Tragic Eyes Lisa Frank  Free 
(Join Gala & Rita Design Announcements)
Hair:  Truth Gabby Night 


(click for larger)

While I was looking around Nymphetamine, I picked up this lingerie set.  It is adorable and sexy all at the same time.  I adore the little flouncy lace bottom.  It also comes with prim sleeve pieces which I am not showing, but are very cute. 

This skin is the new Jesse from Belleza that you need to go demo!  Every detail of this skin is absolutely perfect!
Thank you, Tricky!!  I adore them all!

Lingerie:  Nymphetamine Boutique Paeoti Tesla Set Black  250L
Necklace:   Dark Mouse Divine Deco Necklace Gold 
Skin:  Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 13 (cleavage)  
Hair:  Truth Samantha Night


Now, you all know me.  I don’t go to a new store without checking around for a gift bag, and Nymphetamine did not disappoint!  

(click for larger)

There is a gift bag here, which is chock full of fabulous tops!  You get the sexy top on the left in 9 colors.  The Belleza cleavage option really makes a statement in these tops!
The top on the left comes in caramel which is a really lovely shade, but they also have given you a gray scale version which you can tint yourself!  That is awesome!  I love tinting stuff to match!  :p 

The belts are from the Dark Mouse Discount Store and you get 2 colors of each for only 10L!  The necklace I blogged last night.  You all really need to get yourselves on the subscribo!

Top:  Nymphetamine Boutique Casual Day Shirt in Black and Cranberry (9 colors)  Free
Top:  Nymphetamine Boutique Carmel Treasure Top   Free
Belt:  Dark Mouse Rhinestone & Pearls Belt – Black  10L
Belt:  Dark Mouse Mother of Pearl Belt Brown 10L
Jeans:  HC&CO Basic Jeans Light (DSN Gift) 
Hair:  Truth Gretel Espresso

Location in first photo:  Embryo

  1. October 4, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    Thank you so much for the write up on NYMPHETAMINE Boutique! You look fabulous in Paeoti’s designs and we are very happy you enjoyed your trip to the store!

    We have been around since 2005, and thru you have discovered there are still plenty of people who have never met us! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day and thank you again for the lovely words abut NYMPHETAMINE, and the outstanding Photos!!! 🙂

    Stacy Maracas

  2. October 5, 2009 at 11:47 am

    I freaking love the new Belleza skin, you look great in it and was a fab post. 🙂

  3. Gabby McCullough
    October 5, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Thank you for stopping by, Stacy! I am really glad you liked the post. The store is just fabulous!

    Isn’t that Jesse skin amazing, Velvet?! I think it would be hard to look bad in that skin! lol

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