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Decoy Sale with Free Fatpacks! *faints*

ZOMG.  Decoy is having a 50% off sale until October 12th at 6PM SLT.  But.  BUT!!!!  There are a bunch of fatpacks in the store for FREE!!!  I only recently discovered Decoy during the Hodgepodge Hunt, but immediately fell in love with the texturing.   And now…fatpacks…free……  *dies*


(click for larger)

These hooded tops?  FREE FATPACK!
The boots?  FREE FATPACK!!!
The jeans??  ALL COLORS FREE
The hair…with color change band???   FREE FATPACK!!! 

Decoy Hooded Blazer Fatpack Free 
Decoy Jully Boots Fatpack Free
Decoy Nicole Megapack Free
Decoy Inferno 88 Jeans all colors Free 
(Charcoal, Dark Denim, Midnight, Light Wash)


(click for larger)

These tops, dresses and jeans….all free.  And did I mention they are fatpacks?
And what isn’t free, is an absolute steal!  Hair color packs (3 colors) are only 93L.  And the hair is absolutely lovely!

Decoy Zanza Tops Fatpack Free
Decoy Zafrina Dresses Fatpack Free
Decoy Nicole Megapack Free
Decoy Zoey Soft Black 93L


(click for larger)

The jeans are free.
The top on the left is the black version of the top I fell in love with during the Hodgepodge hunt.  Needless to say, I bought a few more colors.  😛 
I am not totally sure on the prices of everything I bought…I was all excited and just hitting BUY, BUY, BUY!  ;p    But these prices are close.  I know the hair was 93L. 
Update!  I went back and checked the prices…everything is now listed correctly.  🙂

Decoy Serendipity Red 40L
Decoy Zoey Dark Red 93L
Decoy Kelsey Jacket Black 63L
Decoy Katie Dark Red 93L


(click for larger)

The denim dress on the right is perhaps my most favorite thing that I got.  It is perfectly made and was only 50L!

Decoy Elysium Ruby 100L
Decoy Nicole Soft Black  Free
Decoy Hot Addiction Dress 50L
Decoy Katie Cinnamon  93L

Used throughout:
Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 13 (cleavage)
Dark Mouse Falling Flowers Necklace silver 25L

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