Hodgepodge and Gatcha!

If you are anything like me, you can’t get into the skin fair.  I will spend the weekend showing the other stuff that is going on, while I emo out about not being invited into the Skin Fair Preview for bloggers. 😛

Hodgepodge is having a Freebie Weekend, which lasts until the 28th.  Most of the stores have a freebie or dollarbie out. 

(click for larger)

~I absolutely adore this jacket from Decoy and I almost missed it!  It is not in a gift box…it is on the wall to the left as you go in, with the display of other Kelsy jackets.  I happened to stand there long enough for the “Free” sign to rezz.  yay!!
~The adorable skirt is free from (Elate!) and the fabulous color change ring is from Ommik
~The necklace is by Illusions for the Jewelry Fair and both the stone and the metal are texture change.  The jewelry fair ends tomorrow (the 27th), so be sure to get down there!
~The tintable tights are from Sh*t Happens are are only 25L.  That sale ends the 28th.

Top:  Decoy Kelsy Jacket Blue  Free 
Skirt:  (Elate!) Betsy Skirt Sunny Free 
Ring:  Ommik Leopard Pillow Ring (color change)  Free  
Necklace:  Illusions Jewelry Fair Gift Aurelie Teardrop (stone and metal color change)   Free
Tights:  Sh*t Happens Tintable Tights 25L  
Shoes:  50 Flats Snake Buckle Blue Free 
Skin:  Amacci Group Gift Skkin Agnetha Peach Free 
Hair:  Truth Madison Mocha 


(click for larger)

~This fabulous mini dress is the freebie from Adam n Eve.  Wonderfully textured and 2 skirt options!
~The mouth piercing is from IrEn and comes in 3 metals; black, silver and gold.
~The necklace is a Picks Reward from Dark Mouse.  Put Dark Mouse in your picks and hit the store everyday.  The Picks Reward changes daily.  The bangles are from the Dark Mouse Freebie box which is right next to the Lucky Chair.
~The hair is from the Fusemelon Opening Gift Bag.  I tinted it red. 

Dress:  Adam n Eve Hodgepodge Freebie Weekend Gift Snakeskin  Free 
Tights:  Sh*t Happens Adele Tights Black (fatpack) 38L  
Mouth Piercing:  IrEn Anklet with Straz Black and Silver  Free 
Necklace & Earrings:  Dark Mouse Picks Reward3  Zephyr Copper Set  Free 
Bangle:  Dark Mouse Freebies Blue Silver Bangles  Free 
Boots:  Nightshade Designs Midnight Mania Gift Blacklist Carpe Noctem  Free 
Hair:  Fusemelon Opening Gift Two Hearts Soya Bean (tinted Red)  Free 
Skin:  Dutch Touch Group Gift Skin Special no2 Caramel   Free


(click for larger)

If you haven’t been to the Gatcha Gatcha festival yet, you must go!  There are gumball machines, and you pay a certain amount and get a prize.  It is very fun to go home and see what you got!  (the vendors do have signs showing the prizes so they are not a complete mystery 😛 ) 
~The Ibizarre Gatcha machine was one of my favorites!  It is only 10L each and it is loaded with awesome stuff.  Here are two of the dresses I got.  I got a bunch of other stuff too, and everything was wonderful quality.
With these dresses though…the prim part looks better if you edit the tint to white.  These were made before Linden changed that prim part glitch thing.

Dress:  Ibizarre Gatcha Festival Beachdress Pink 10L 
Dress:  Ibizzare Gatcha Festival  Beachdress June 10L 
Hair:  Tiny Bird Group Gift Olivia Stein Silver Free
Hair:  Truth Mavi Ivory


(click for larger)

~The Too Hot to Handle hunt is going on also, on the Harlow sim.  I haven’t had a chance to do it, but I did get a notice from SWIM about their gift and ran down to find it.  I picked up their September Dollarbie while I was there.   SWIM makes my most favorite swimwear in SL.
~The necklace on the right is from Pink Fuel’s Gatcha machine.  It is so cute and there are a ton of color combinations in the machine.  I think it was 10L per prize, if I remember correctly.

Bikini:  SWIM Too Hot To Handle Hunt Gift  Free 
Skin:  The oBscene Lucky Chair Prize SiREN CHASKA  Free 
Bangle:  AHC Jewelry Fair Gift Red/Blue Bangle  Free 
Mouth Piercing:  IrEn Anklet with Straz Black and Silver  Free

Bikini:  SWIM September Dollarbie 1L 
Tattoo:  Aussie Ink Dark Katz Prize #146 buddhist mantras  Free 
Hair:  Tiny Bird Group Gift Olivia Stein Silver Free
Mouth Piercing:  IrEn Anklet with Straz Black and Silver  Free
Belly Piercing:  ImmateriA Twisted Hunt Gift #127 Ankh Piercing  Free 
Eyebrow Piercing:  MaXeyes Twisted Hunt Gift Triple Eyebrow Piercing  Free  
Skin:  Dutch Touch Group Gift Skin Special no2 Caramel  Free
Necklace:  Pink Fuel Gatcha Festival Prize Bottle Charm Necklace  10L?

Poses:  Striking Poses Too Hot To Handle Hunt Gift  Free 
Poses:  Peppermint Blue 2nd Anniversary Gift   Free

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