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Luggage, Ducks, Gowns and Bees

Totally random Thursday, but…the question of the day is:  Do we need SLuggage?  😛

(click for larger)

I don’t know the answer but I IMd Hallie this morning asking her if she wanted a shoulder Rubber Duckie.  As she decided, she asked me if I wanted luggage.  I was like…”luggage?  really?”  But I tpd over and you know what?  I may not need it, but I want it!  Look how cute!  This is a freebie available at WILDO
~The shoulder Rubby Duckie is by ED Creations, and you get a bunch of colors.  As the creator says in the notecard, he doesn’t do much other than look cute…but if you click on him, he squeeks and his little beak opens.  So cute!  I love him.  I even managed to get a picture of him in mid-quack.
~The pink dress is from Zenith’s Lucky Boards.  It is really cute, plus there are bunches of other outfits in the boards.  Well worth stalking.
~The bat tattoo is by Grim Kitteh for the Dark Katz hunt.  There is also a super cute top in the prize, but I haven’t found a chance to use it yet. 

Dress:  Zenith Lucky Board Prize GossipGirl Dress Pink  Free  
Tattoo:  Grim Kitteh Dark Katz Hunt #187 Battie Tattoo  Free 
Necklace:  Fifferling Dark Katz Hunt #153 ^V^ Chain  Free 
Earrings:  Bliensen + MaiTai Dark Katz Hunt #138 Broken Heart Earrings  Free
Bangle:  AHC Jewelry Fair Gift Bangle Maroon/Purple  Free 
Luggage:  WILDO Free Bag  Free 
Shoulder Pet:  ED Creations Rubber Duckie (pink-comes in 9 colors)  Free 
Shoes:  Duh! Color & Texture Change Sneakers 150L for Fatpack with over 50 textures or 25L for 5 textures
Socks:  [Goth1cO] Twisted Hunt Gift Sweet Vanilla Socks (part of an outfit)   Free
Hair:  Liriope Autumn Gift Grape  1L
Skin:  Dutch Touch Subscribomatic Group Gift Special No2 Caramel  Free
Pose on left:  S.LOVES


(click for larger)

Both of these gorgeous gowns are free!
~The gown on the left is the current group gift from Madison’s Creations.  It is so lovely and dreamy and ethereal.  It can be worn with the long, flowy sleeves or without. 
~The necklace is from Twinkleberry.  There are two lucky boards with a bunch of pretty stuff in them.  Thanks to Beanie Loves Japan for the notice about them!

~The gown on the right is the current Lucky Chair prize from Mystic Sky.  It is just gorgeous.  So rich and dramatic. 
~The necklace is from Primalot.  I had blogged it a few months ago, but I noticed it was still in the store when I went there recently.  There is a large silver rose in the middle of the store, and if you stand next to it and say “heal” in open chat, you receive this lovely gift.  

Gown:  Madison’s Creations Group Gift Gwynneth Coral  Free 
Necklace:  Twinkleberry Lucky Chair Prize Felice(verde)  Free 
Skin:  Staged Group Gift  Elizabeth 2 Coral  Free 
Hair:  fri.day Cassie Jealous Red

Gown:  Mystic Sky Lucky Chair Prize Raven Gown Ruby   Free
Jewelry:  Primalot Tahitian Princess White Pearls to Heal   Free
Eyes:  Poetic Color Blue Autumn Freebie   Free
Skin:  Cupcakes Enchanted Sienna Classy Broad 
Hair:  fri.day Cassie Cynical Black
Poses:  LAP

Um. yeah.  The url for Mystic Sky was my land.  Cuz SL fucking hates me.   HOW does that happen?  Anyway…fixed now. 
And to anyone who drops in on my land….”ohaiiii!  enjoy your stay!”   😛


(click for larger)

These two costumes are both 1L at Multiple Personality Designs.  It is worth it to sign up for her Subscribo because she has new releases nearly daily and all her items are 1L!
The bee outfit even includes the shoes!  I did add torn hose from Duh! just for fun. 

Outfit:  Multiple Personality Designs Something Wicked Orange 1L 
Tattoo:  yudemikan Free Tattoo Free
Skin:  Dutch Touch Subscribomatic Group Gift Special No1 Caramel  Free
Poses: MNK Shop Gift Kalmia labo (5 poses) Free 

Outfit:  Multiple Personality Designs Buzz Worthy 1L
Skin:  Cupcakes Enchanted September Gift Sienna Rosie  Free
Hair:   Vixen Dark Katz Hunt Gift #140 Felidae Blackmail  Free
Tattoo:  yudemikan Free Tattoo   Free
Socks:  Duh! Dark Katz Hunt #15 Torn Tights Black  Free
Earrings:  Ginza 2008 Daisy Pierce 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Autumn Glade  Free
Poses:  S.LOVES   1L

  1. Renee Harvy
    September 24, 2009 at 11:47 pm

    I love all this stuff, but I NEED that beige gown.

  2. Perion Leominster
    September 25, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Thx for the slurl to your land. I tp’ed on over and set it to home. You rock!

  3. Gabby McCullough
    September 25, 2009 at 3:45 pm


    You and probably 10 other people. *sigh*

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