Fall is here…

Time for boots and the color orange. ;p

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~First up are these super cute boots by Amaama, which are available in black and red in their Lucky Board and come in tall and short lengths. 
The place is packed, just so you know, but if you don’t want to wait, the boots are available to buy, right under the Lucky Board,  for only 170L! 
~I put these with a Re-opening gift from *Aleida*.  The gift is a fatpack of these skirts and you get 2 different denim shades and 5 different colors of lace and leggings, plus the belt!  What a generous gift!
~The top is a Subscribo gift from Urbanity, and the scarf is an opening gift from *EN*.  I am wearing the male version of the scarf, which I shrunk down a bit.  The scarf is color change as well as being available in 2 sizes!
~The amazing eyes are a new gift from Poetic Colors.  So beautiful!  I noticed also when I was there last night, that Poetic now has an Under 30 Day Old Avatar Gift in front of the store!  No more excuses for noobie eyes!

Top:  Urbanity Subscribomatic Gift My BF’s Shirt Black  Free
Skirt, belt and leggings:  *Aleida* Re-Opening Gift Kawa Jeans Skirt Black (Fat Pack)   Free 
Scarf:  *EN* Opening Gift (Men’s) Lovers Scarf  Free 
Boots:  Amaama Lucky Board Prize Indian Boots Black  Free (or available to purchase for only 170L) 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Blue Autumn Eyes  Free 
Hair:  ROGE Group Gift 2009.09 Hair 32.5  (color change) Free 
Bangle:  Aluinn Jewelry Fair Gift Black and Silver Deco Bracelet  Free  
Skin:  Twilythula PaNina Medium Mountain 


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~These great boho halter gowns are available as a Free Gift at Vinyl Cafe and you get a fat pack!  There are so many colors, and color combinations, you can wear this eleventybillion ways!  Just touch the sign where you land.
~The earrings are both gifts from the Jewelry Fair.  The silver hoops are resizable, so if you don’t like them that big, you can shrink them down some.

Dress:  Vinyl Cafe Boho Chic Fatpack shown in Red, Purple and White   Free
Necklace:  Ticky Tacky Jewelry Fair Gift Chipotle Love Child Necklace  Free 
Earrings:  Bliensen + MaiTai Jewelry Fair Gift Vintage Earrings   Free
Earrings:  CCD Jewelry Fair Gift Reflective Hoop   Free
Skin:  TwilyThula PaNina Midnight Medium 
Hair:  Truth Olivia Black 


(click for larger)

~In the same notice about the new free eyes from Poetic Colors, was a notice about this new freebie from [kusshon].  This wheelbarrow is adorable, has 6 poses and will be such a cute fall prop!  It is transfer, so you can give it as a gift too. 

Wheelbarrow:  [kusshon] wheelbarrown with pumpkins and 6 animations  Free 


(click for larger)

~I put this look together around this skirt and leggings, which are a dollarbie from yudemikan.  There is a whole freebie and dollarbie section there, which also included this tattoo.  The tattoo you buy from the weird yellow cartoon looking guy.  This look seemed to go nicely for my Pumpkin Wheelbarrow Lounging.  😛
~The top is actually part of a dress that is available for free from Plausible Body on Xstreet.  It was mod, so I tinted it to match the leggings.  The dress itself is worth getting, it is very cute!
~The chucks are a new dollarbie available at Magi Take.  They are outside in the courtyard, but the URL should take you direct.  I had a heck of a time finding them today.

Skirt and Leggings:   yudemikanYellow Casual Set (skirt and leggings only)  1L 
Top:  PB Classic Tartan Dress (top only, tinted to match leggings)  Free on Xstreet 
Sneakers:  Magi Take Chucker Sneaker Halloween 1L 
Bangle:  Dark Mouse Lucky Chair Prize Gold Paint Splashed Bangles  Free 
Tattoo:  yudemikan Free Tattoo  Free
Hair:  Truth Chloe Sangria 
Skin:  Rockberry UMA Tintable Lip (former group gift) 

Poses:  MNK Shop Gift Kalmia labo (5 poses) Free 
Poses:  MNK Shop Free Gift (5 poses)  Free

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