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Dark Katz Hunt (Part 2)

Part 2, which is sorta part 1.  Gabby showed you the second half of the hunt yesterday, so now it’s my turn to show you the first 80 or so venders.  Like she said, it’s a long hunt, and on the first day there were quite a few prizes not out.  I didn’t go back to check them again, so obviously, there’s probably some great gifts we missed, but I’ll show you a few of my favorites from what was available Sunday.   If you were ever considering trying Neko, do this hunt.  There are 20 or more pair of ears and tails (almost all scripted), at least 10 pair of kitty boots, some great cat eyes, a few backpacks and lots of piercing and tattoo acceossories.   And, I’m not showing any today, but there were PLENTY of guy gifts too, so bring your favorite Tom Cat along with you :p

First up, feel the angst!  I loved playing with these “emo crates” from Trixxy Oh.  I think there are  more poses hidden in here, but there’s only so much sobbing and crying I can do in one photo shoot :p

Shape – Studio3 Dark Kats Hunt Gift
Jeans – DarkCatz Dark Kat Jeans
Bra and Sheer Top – Kitteh Bitz
Eyes – “Catnip Overload” from Occular Oddities
Skin – That Rocks – Female Gothic Skin
Boots – Trashtastic Hybrid Kickers
Tail – “doomed tail” – doomed tail
Hair – Truth Elle – cherry (not from the hunt)

Top and Pants – Somapop “ihatemondays” shirt and plaid jeans
Eyes – NekoProwlinEyes – Midnight Amber – Sterling Artistry
Skin – “Back to Fight Skin” Sun Tan – Sassy Kitty Designs
Boots – Pink Kitty Rain Boots – Duh!
Tail – [Shy] Designs Barb Neko Tail
Ears – [b.nuts] yummy ear
Hair – Fri.day “Rashelle” Jealous Red (not from the hunt)

Jeans – Macho Black Jeans
Hoodie – Wicked Tattoos “Black Hoodie”
Eyes – “Catnip Overload” From Occular Oddities
Skin – Nikita Fride “!Skin Girl Hunt”
Boots – DarkCatz “Dark Kat Paw Boots”
Tail [Shy] Designs Barb Neko Tail
Ears – Forsaken “Twitchy Pierced Neko Ears” – Halloweeney Version
Hair – Truth Elle – cherry (not from the hunt)

Pose *NLimbo* AList 1

A better look at the skins and eyes.

Outfit And Boots Eluzion “Nabyla”
Eyes – Stearling Artistry “NekoFelidae Eyes_Gaze”
Skin – “Back To Fight Skin” Sun Tan Sassy Kitty Designs
Tail – Bana Karu Designs “black/brown tip tail scripted”
Ears – Nosotr@s “Dark Katz Hunt Ears Medium”
Arm Warmers- Naeko Dirty Kats Armwarmer (there are matching leg warmers in the hunt too)
Choker – Alyssa Bijoux “Leather Dog Tag Choker – Kitty”
Arch – Green and Wild Garden Centre “Gothic Arch and flowers for Dark Katz”

Outfit, Boots, Ears and Tail – Aluinn “Dark Katz Hunt Halloween”
Eyes –  [The u-neek] darkkatz aqua
Hair and Skin, same as Left

Coat and Jeans Macho Black Long Coat/ Black Jeans
Tail, Ears and Boots Nosotr@s “Dark Katz Hunt”
Eyes – [The u-neek] darkkatz green
Belt – moloko Bash Belt Red
Hair and Skin, same as left

A closeup to show you the arm warmer and necklace a bit better.


Second Life kept dumping me out on TPs this morning, so I didn’t get many SLURLS.  However, there’s a hunt “hint” page, with landmarks for the stores here.

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