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Sale at Church of Luxe and Mischief!

I logged in this morning to notices about sales at two of my favorite stores… the Mischief sale has been going for a while, and today is the last day, so you have to hurry, but Janie Marlowe has marked a lot of her popular separates at half off.  Mischief is a great store for mix and max outfit makers, and the prices are reasonable to start with, so stock up!   I’ve had my eye on this beautiful sweater from Church of Luxe for a while now, and everything in the store, except Lo Jacob’s newest creations, is $50L right now.  This outifit is an unbelievable deal at that price since it comes with a white t-shirt and the cute black jeans I’m wearing too.  The Sale notice doesn’t say when it ends, so I guess you’d better hurry over there too.  What better way to spend a Sunday?

And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.. the best reason to own a shoe store is being able to recolor things to match your outfit.  I wanted these boots in plum, to match the jacket, so I made them.  They’ll be for sale in the store, but if you can wait a bit, I’ll make them my hunt gift for the unpcoming “Pumpkin Paw Print’s Hunt”

Skin – Tuli – Hope (tan/br) natural (former group gift)
Eyes – Tuli – Intense Eyes Blue (Former group gift)
Hair – Fri.day “Eloise” Cranky Brown –

Earrings – Gift from Sn@tch – behind the couch, just for this weekend probably “Valley Girl Earrings) (Zebra) (they had a texture issue on the main body of the earring when I picked them up Saturday morning, but Ivey left them “mod” so I was able to throw a pink plastic texture on them to match these outfits.  They style is adorable even if the texture is a bit odd)

Boots – Duh! Tall Plum Suede Boots – 20L (or gift in the upcoming PPP Hunt)
Plum Jacket and Black Pants – Church of Luxe “Naomi” Plum – 50L
Dress Church of Luxe Leopard Dress “Royal Blue” – 50L
Mulberry and Camel Tanks – Mischief Xtra Simple Tank – 30L
Skirt – Mischief Xtra Storage Skirt – Camel – 30L
Scarf/Arm Warmers/Socks – Mischief Xtra Accessories – Mulberry – 50L

Poses – KS Creations

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