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Pretzel Hunt Gift, *Solange!* and Twisted & Spoiled Gifts and Jewelry Fair

I confess…I have not done the Prezel Hunt.  There are too. many. hunts.   
But I saw a collage of the hunt prizes on Freebie Finds and thought this dress looked nice. I went and picked it up, and I LOVE it. 

(click for larger)

~This prize from A/P Creations is really an amazing gift.  I love the skirt on the long gown…it has been so nicely made with the contrasting layers.  The top can be opaque or more sheer depending on whether you wear the shirt or jacket layer.  It comes with the short skirt also, the hose and the shoes.  The whole thing is just lovely!
~The jewelry is the latest Member Gift from Alienbear.  You need to join the group,  Alienbear Design & Le’ Cameo Lovers, in world and then go to the special group and discount room, here.  This is a really pretty set!

Gown:  A/P Creations SLinfo Pretzel Hunt Prize #26  Garb includes Gown, Dress, Shoes, Stockings Free 
Jewelry:  Alienbear Design Sept 09 Member Gift Kitty Cyrus w/Pearl  Free 
(join group – Alienbear Design & Le’ Cameo Lovers) 
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha 09 Nougat 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Summer Lavendar Fields 
Hair:  Truth Yvette Night 
Poses:  Pretzel*Poses   


(click for larger)

~As I was taking the pictures of the dress above, I saw a notice go out that Twisted & Spoiled had put out a new group gift.  I ran, because Twisted & Spoiled does the most amazing group gifts, and this one is no exception. 
This is actually a dress, but the skirt was a little too foo-foo for me, so I decided to pair it with jeans.  The outfit comes complete with the jewerly and the really cute shoes! 
~The capris are free from Multiple Personality Designs.  There is a red star next to the vendor this URL should lead you to, and you get these capri jeans, and a pair of short for free!  They are really nicely textured!  Also, be sure to look around, because nearly every outfit in the store is 1L and you can get fatpacks of the outfits for 5L!
~The poses in this photo and the rest of the post are a free set for Peppermint Blue’s 2nd Anniversary.

Top, Jewelry and Shoes:  Twisted & Spoiled Group Gift Tootsie  Free
Capris:  Multiple Pesonality Designs Torn Between Capris  Free 
Hair:  Truth Peaches Copper 
Poses:  Peppermint Blue 2nd Anniversary Pose Pack Pop  Free 


(click for larger)

UPDATE:  The purple/gold dress gift box has been taken away, but is available to buy for 275L. 
The black dress is still out as a gift.
These 2 dresses are both free from *Solange!* for the Grand Opening of the Crystal City.  They are both so pretty!!  The black one…there used to be a green version of this dress in their Lucky Chair and this top has always been one of my favorites. 
~All jewelry shown are gifts from the 2009 Jewelry Fair.  You need to go and check it out if you haven’t already.  Soooo many lovely gifts.  The SLurls are not direct…but the fair is circular…so just start at the beginning and work your way around. 

Dress:  *Solange!* The Crystal City Grand Opening Gift Purple/Gold Allure  *no longer Free*  275L
Necklace:  iZa Boutique Sasun Choker Chain Jewelry Fair Gift  Free
Hair:  Truth Twiggy Night 

Dress:  *Solange!* Lucky Dare black  Free 
Necklace and earrings:  (IMAGEN) Corazones Jewelry Fair Dollarbie  1L
Bracelet:  CCD Jewelry Fair Gift Reflective Diamonds Bangle  Free
Ring:  Dark Mouse Jewelry Fair Gift  30’s Vintage Art Deco Pearl Ring  Free
Belly Ring:  {DD} Jewelry Fair Gift  Celtic Heart Belly Ring 1L
Hair:  Truth Naomi Black  


(click for larger)

~The top and jeans on the left are both available for free from XStreet.  The top is part of an outfit from Paradisis, and is really wonderfully textured.   The capri jeans are by Dark Madame and the outfit also comes with several tops and a bikini.  The jeans are really nicely textured also.

~The sweater on the right is from free from Prelude.  You can also get a red version of this very pretty fall sweater here.
~The two tone jeans are a Subscribomatic gift from  *+curious+*. 
~All jewelry, again, were gifts from the Jewelry Fair.

Top:  Paradisis Babe (part of an outfit)  Free on XStreet  
Capris:  Dark Madame Ladies September Freebie Capris (includes tops)  Free on Xstreet   
Necklace:  [evica] Jewelry Fair Gift Key on a String  Free
Earrings:  Kunstkammer Jewelry Fair Gift Carnival Earrings  Free
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Espresso  

Jeans:  *+curious+* Subscribomatic Gift Two Tone pants sepia  Free  
Top:  Prelude Autumn Shirt Brown  Free  
Bracelet:  Aluinn Jewelry Fair Gift Bag Black and Silver Deco Bracelet Halloween Version  Free
Necklace and Earrings:  Secret Garden 2009 Jewelry Fair Gift Magpie  Free
Hair:  Tiny Bird Millionaire Chestnut (50L Friday) 


  1. leonieszczepanski
    September 20, 2009 at 6:17 am

    Hey again Gabby, how’s it going? Busy, eh? I was just looking for the free dresses in Solange and found one big present box only. There was another girl here and she couldn’t find it either. I was looking with wireframe too. Could it have been moved or cancelled already? Thanks, LS

  2. Gabby McCullough
    September 20, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Hi Leonie,
    I went to check and the purple/gold dress gift is gone. Sorry about that. It is available to buy for 275L.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Leonie Szczepanski
    September 20, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    Thanks for looking Gabby! TC, LS

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