Perion dressed me

for this first look.  I bought this awesome skirt at Humming where everything is only 30L and the quality is amazing.  Then I tried to work an outfit around it.  When Perion saw it she said, “interesting”.  Which is never a good sign.  *sighs*

So I let her choose what I should put with this skirt.  I was pretty happy with the results!  I might have to ask her to dress me everyday now.  😐

(click for larger)

~Again, the skirt is by Humming and is only 30L!  I love it, it is so well made, nice textures…and so cheap!
~The skin is the current group gift from Symphony Skins, available in the group notices.  You can go to the store, click on the sign and join from there.
~The bracelet is part of an awesome set for the SOS Hunt by Exodi.  There are about 8 sets in this gift and all of them are great and so versatile.

Skirt:  Humming Denim Patcchwork Skirt  30L 
Jacket:  Aoharu Short Jean Jacket Blue 
Top:  Gigi Couture Plain Tank White  1L 
Bangles:  Exodi SOS Hunt Gift #29 Summer Lovin’ PinkyPolk Bracelets  Free
Necklace:  Lostwood Pearly Necklace  Free 
Earrings:  Dark Mouse Sea Diamond Hoop Earrings  
Stockings:  Dawn’s Freebie Black Fishnet Pantyhose w/ Seam (part of an outfit)  Free on Xstreet
Boots:  Shiny Things Chunky Ribbon Boots 
Skin:  Symphony Skins Prom Queen Group Gift (in notices)  Free  
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Night 
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose  

(click for larger)

~I took these photos in a very cool skybox that is available for free on Xstreet.  It is by M.E. Gardencenter and includes trees, a fire circle with poses, light beams and butterflies!  Very cute!

Skybox:  M.E. Gardencenter Free Skybox Forest  Free on xstreet 


(click for larger)

I dressed myself from here on out, and Perion would probably say “interesting” again.  😛    I am calling this my “50’s Sexy Neko Librarian” look.  Cuz you know there were neko librarians in the 1950’s, right?  Mmhmm. 

~Mostly I wanted to show this amazing neko tail from Perturb/ation.  This might be the best neko tail ever.  See those cogs?  Yeah, they move.  It is fantastic!  And free!!
~The glasses are also fantastic and free and are a Subscribo Welcome Gift from Artilleri.  Love them!
~The necklace is 1L from Le*o+o and is also fantastic.  The clock hands move.  I love tiny little things in SL that are so incredibly detailed. 
~The top is free at Samsara, and I thought it was whimsical enough to finish off this slightly strange look. 

Top:  Samsara Present Cami Set Suggar Girls  Free 
Jeans:  MEB Modiva Fashion Week Gift  Free 
Neko Tail:  Perturb/ation Neko Tail Group Gift 200909  Free 
Necklace:  Le*o+o Alice Clock Necklace  1L 
Bracelet:  H.G. Beaded Bracelet Jet, Gold and Pearls  Free 
Glasses:  Artilleri Subscribe-o-Matic Welcome Gift Gladys Glasses  Free  
Piercing:  Adore & Abhor Addiction Hunt Gift #37 The Secret Keeper Mouth Piercing  Free 
Hair:  Truth Romy Espresso 
Poses:  MNK Shop Free Gift (5 poses)  Free 


(click for larger)

To finish off the post with a couple random and unrelated things…

~This flowy, dreamy, princess gown is a current freebie from aDiva.  It comes in both a long and short version.

~The top is a new dollarbie at Humming.  I had covered Humming a couple weeks ago, and then saw on FreeHazel that there was a new dollarbie, so I ran over.  That is when I spotted the 30L skirt that I fell in love with.
~The jeans are a new group gift from Lunas Boutique.  There are 3 colors of the Unbuttoned Jeans in the group notices now.
~The hair is a Duckie Hunt gift from Romi, that I hadn’t been able to work into a post…but it seemed to work with this top!  😛  I loved Pippi Longstockings when I was a kid. 
~The poses are from a new freebie set from Pretzel*Poses.

Dress:  aDiva Couture Lesley  Free
Necklace:  BENI Pendant Prayer Free
Hair:  Truth Yvette Night
Skin:  Tuli Hope Star VIP Gift  Free

Top:  Humming Check Gauze Shirt pink  1L
Jeans:  Lunas Boutique Group Gift Unbuttoned Jeans Black (in notices)  Free
Jewelry:  Caroline’s Forbidden Fruit Hunt Apple #12 & #13 Multi Pearl Cluster Bracelet and Earrings in Gold  Free 
Hair:  Romi Duckie Hunt Prize #70 Pippi Hair Blood  Free 
Skin:  *Staged* Group Gift Elizabeth 2 Coral     Free
Poses:  Pretzel*Poses Le Simpliste Freebies    Free

Again, sorry I have not been blogging much, but I had a hella week trying to get my house ready for showing.  *cries*

  1. Perion Leominster
    September 19, 2009 at 12:29 am

    That gown/necklace combo is… interesting. 😐

    I KID! I KID! 😛

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