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Moar Twisted Hunt, Duckie Hunt and other Random Stuffs

I hate to overblog Renee’s Steampunk post, cuz it rocks, but I have been holding onto a few of these pics for several days. 
This should be my last installment on the Twisted Hunt, I think I blogged everything I could fit in.
I may still come up with some more Duckie Hunt things, though, if I can finish it! 

If you want to role play in some post-apocalyptic wasteland, this outfit would fit the bill, and is made up of different parts from the Twisted Hunt.

(click for larger)

~The outfit is from Sassy Kitty, whose prize included a bunch of different cool stuff, including neko parts from Neko Wonderland.  There is also a dress in this folder and lots of different prim parts.
~The ankh belly piercing and earrings are very nice and are part of the ImmateriA gift.
~The Fatal Error barbed wire necklace is texture change to show blood, or not.  (lol)  I am showing with no blood.  This prize has many parts, I am only showing the necklace.
~The Pheobe arm band somes in 2 sizes and can be worn with or without the dagger.  But why would you not want the dagger!?
~The lip piercing says it is a male gift, but fit me fine.  Very nicely made piece.

Outfit:  Sassy Kitty Twisted Hunt Gift #18 F*cktastic Wrapped Outfit  Free
Earrings/Belly Piercing:  ImmateriA Twisted Hunt Gift #127 Ankh Earrings and Belly Piercing  Free
Necklace:  Fatal Error Twisted Hunt Gift #13 Barbwire Necklace  Free
Lip Piercing:  AIDORU Twisted Hunt Gift #94 Labret Piercing Metal Skullie  Free
Armband:  Phoebe Twisted Hunt Gift #106 Arm Dagger Band  Free
Hair:  ::69:: NW Charcoal 
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Simply Summer Sunflower 
Boots:  BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather 
Poses:  LAP 


(click for larger)

~These fantastic tanks and tees are also part of the Sassy Kitty prize.  There are about 6 different shirts in the pack and are all really nicely done.  Also check out the neko parts in the prize.  I took pictures but they came out craptastic. 
~The jeans are the Chicaholic Twisted Hunt Prize and the necklace is the prize from Wild Style Fashions.
~The hair is color change to about 6 colors, and is the new group gift from Roge.  Very cute!

Tops:  Sassy Kitty Designs Twisted Hunt Gift #18 Tees/Tanks  Free
Jeans:  Chicaholic Twisted Hunt Gift #93 Graffiti Ladies Jeans  Free
Necklace:  Wild Style Fashions Twisted Hunt Prize #112 Lock and Key Choker  Free
Hair:  Roge Group Gift  (join group and touch display in store)  Free
Poses:  MNK Shop Free Gift (5 poses)  Free


(click for larger)

~This pose is the Duckie Hunt prize from *FD Poses and is quite sexy.  Thanks, Perion for cuddling with me for the pic.  😛  I am only going to list the cheap or free items we are wearing, in the interest of space.

On me:  Boots:   Sentou Yousei @ Car Wash Delia Boots Smokin  10L 
Top:  Sassy Kitty Designs Twisted Hunt Gift #18 Grungy Tank  Free
Jeans:  Luci’s Freebies Victoria Jeans (you get 16 Colors!)  Free on Xstreet
On Perion:  Pants: **Mis** Match It All Black Pants (September group gift)  Free
Pose:  *FD Poses Duckie Hunt Gift Get Her  Free 


(click for larger)

~This fabulous skin is the latest Group Gift from *Staged*.  It is gorgeous, and comes in several different options.  This is the cat-eye version.
~The top is actually part of a dress and is a free gift from niciLINE.  Join the group and touch the group gift sign. 
~The necklace is the September Pick Reward from Apple May and the bracelet is one I have blogged before from Edge Grafica, and is color change!
~The shoes are a gift from 50 Flats.  There are 3 other pair of free flats in the store.  Check each of the shoe displays.  This pair is in a box near the lucky boards.
~The capris are a freebie from J.J. Poodle at the Zest location.  They come in regular and low rise.

Top:  SLC Sweet Corsagen Dress (top only) Group Gift for NiciLINE    Free 
Capris:  J.J. Poodle Lowrise Free Jeans for Zest  Free 
Bracelet:  Edge Grafica 35 bangle Dot (color change)  Free    
Necklace:  Apple May Designs September Pick Reward Sloppy Pearls Candy  Free 
Shoes:  50 Flats Funky Sidebow  Free 
Skin:  *Staged* Group Gift Elizabeth 2 Winged Coral  Free  
Eyes: Poetic Colors Summer Cool Night 50% off sale 
Hair:  Truth Yvette Night 
Poses:  LAP 


(click for larger)

~This jewelry set is the current group gift from PRIMALOT.  I love it!!  It is so delicate and pretty. I am dressing it down with this outfit, but it could be just as easily worn with a gown.  Gorgeous!! 
~The sneakers are the Duckie Hunt prize from Apple May.  They are so cute!  From a distance, you can’t really tell there are ducks on them, so I think they are very wearable for every day.
~The tank is part of a very large Subscribo Gift from Concrete Flowers.  There are several other tanks and a bunch of boy shorts.  The tanks are really nicely textured!  Hit the subscribo and check the history. 
~The knee bandaids are a Subscribo Gift from Core

Top:  Concrete Flowers Subscriber Gift Flower Tank2  Free   
Necklace and Earrings:  PRIMALOT Group Gift Filigree  Free 
Bracelet:  Exodi SOS Hunt Gift #29 Summer Lovin’ Printed Bracelet  Free
Bandaids:  Core Owie Happy Bandaids Group Gift   Free
Shoes:  Apple May Designs Duckie Hunt Prize #7 Ducky Keds  Free 
Shorts:  HenusakiLoveCreations SOS Hunt Gift Blue Jeans Shorts  Free 
Skin:  *Staged* Group Gift Elizabeth 2 Coral Free 
Hair:  Truth Heather Sand 
Poses:  MNK Shop Free Gift (5 poses)  Free 

  1. Perion Leominster
    September 13, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Jack had to get his glasses to get a better look at that first shot. 😐

    Jack doesn’t get his glasses for ANYTHING.


  2. Gabby McCullough
    September 13, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    did you enlarge it for him? 😐

  3. Perion Leominster
    September 13, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    He insisted upon it. 😐

  4. September 16, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    Thank you for featuring Bax Boots! 😀

  5. Gabby McCullough
    September 17, 2009 at 11:12 am

    OMG…I LOVE those boots! I wear them all. the. time. No kidding.
    I think they have popped up in several other posts I have done. 😛

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