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I’m never taking this dress off

Shiryu Musashi dropped these fabulous outfits on me last night and I absolutely fell in love with this dress.  The flattering lines, the fabric, and most of all, the absolutely yummy texturing.  Shiryu threw in an outfit for the guys too, and the stand up collar is really nicely done.  Musashi Do is a new store to me, but I can tell I’ll be dropping a lot of Linden there.   “Italian Fashion meets the Far East”.  Bravo!  Best of all, the dress and men’s outfit are FREE in the store, and there’s another lovely version of both outfits in the Musashi Do subscribo group.

Here is a second dress Shiryu sent, “Waving Heart”.   Again, the fabrics and textures in this dress are spectacular.  And, an innovation I noticed with both of these cocktail length dresses is that the linked flexi prim skirt, so they sway slightly as you move and can be adjusted to fit your shape perfectly.  I love this! 


(On Renee)
Skin – Tuli Hope (tan/br) star (former group gift)
Eyes – Tuli – intense eyes blue (former group gift)
Hair – fri.day – Eloise – Cranky Brown – 250L
Shoes – Duh! – Black Leather Pumps – 20L
Jewlery – Dark Mouse – Vintage 40’s Diamond Pearl Earring Gold (9L in the Birthday Hunt earlier this week – over now)
Dresses – Musashi-Do Waving Heart (Blood Omen) – Not Free, and “Musashi-Do Freebie for Ladies”

(On Josh)
Skin – [KA] “Lost Special” Former Freebie
Hair – MADesigns Former Group Gift
Shoes – Duh! Men’s Leather Dress Shoes – Black 20L
Eyes – MADesigns Fabulous Fashion Gift – blue – Hopeful eyes (previous freebie)
Outfit – Musashi-Do Freebie for Gentlemen 4.0

Poses – MADesigns and Glitterati

  1. Perion Leominster
    September 11, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    Who the hell is Josh? ;p

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