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Pixel Mode, Petunia and Humming

Took a break from the slew of hunts going on and found a few other things to blog.  ;p  I will be doing another installment of the Twisted Hunt though, I believe.  Renee and I finally finished it.  I think.  I dunno…after all those stores, imma all confused.

Anyway…Pixel Mode, one of the best shoemakers on the grid, added a Midnight Mania to their store!  The target is only 55 so you have to get there early.

(click for larger)

~These fabulous textured flats are the prize if you get in on the Pixel Mode Midnight Mania.  These will be so cute for fall!
~I added this wonderful tank, which I previously blogged, that is available for free on XStreet.  You get 11 colors, and look how nicely textured this is!  And fabulous seams!  I do wish it came in all layers because it would be fabulous under a jacket.  Hmm…maybe I will contact the creator.  ;p
~The bracelet is stone texture change and is the newest group gift from Ume Mode, and is awesome! 
~The necklace which completed this outfit nicely is only 1L at Duh!

Shoes:  Pixel Mode Midnight Mania Prize Freya Flats Brown   Free
Jeans:  hc&co DSN Gift Basic Jeans  Free 
Top:  Luci’s Freebies Victoria Top 10 on Xstreet  Free 
Bracelet:  Ume Mode Group Gift Stone Change Necklace Free 
Necklace:  Duh! Cut Stone Corded Necklace  1L 
Hair:  Truth Romy Chestnut 
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha 09 Nougat

(click for larger)

~This adorable dress is only 1L at Humming.  I love the textures and the little lace details, and the shading is really well done also.  While I was there, I saw a couple other dollarbies, which I will show you next, and then realized that everything in the shop is super cheap!  Most things were 30L!  And everything I got is so nice!
~The necklace and earrings are free on Xstreet from Flirt.  They were the Peace on Earth Hunt prize, so if you missed it then you can now pick it up from XStreet.
~The hair is the Steampunk Hunt gift from Vixen.

Dress:  Humming Check Gauze Dress Blue 1L 
Jewelry:  ~flirt~ Esprit De Neige Free on Xstreet    Free
Hair:  Vixen Steampunk Hunt Gift Dusk Bombshell Dark   Free
Eyes:  Spork Eclipse Silver Blue Day 


(click for larger)

~The gray skirt is 1L at Humming, and I bought the matching top and you get 2 colors for only 30L!
~The color change bracelet from Edge Grafica went really nicely and was free.

~The wool plaid skirt is also only 1L at Humming.  I bought the green cardigan sweater to go with it for only 30L.  The sweater is wonderfully textured and comes with a prim collar and cuffs.
~The red pumps are the 5L weekly offer from SKGShoes.
~The hair is the current Amacci group gift, which I tinted a bit darker red.

Skirt:  Humming Dot Skirt Gray 1L 
Top:   Humming Dot Cami Gray 30L 
Earrings:  GField Sakura Earrings  Free 
Bracelet:  Edge Grafica 35 Bangle Dot (color change)  Free   

Skirt:  Humming Wool Check Skirt  1L
Top:  Humming Cardigan Green  30L
Shoes:  SKGShoes Amanda Pumps Dark Red (limited time) 5L 
Hair:  Amacci Hair Beata Auburn (tinted red)   Free


(click for larger)

~This cute dress is the September dollarbie from Petunia.  Very cute, very nicely textured and I love the little bit of netting peeking out at the bottom.
~The boots are free from Eva and are fabulous.  The buckles, heel, and sole are texture change!
~The fishnet stockings, which are really nice…maybe one of the best pair I have seen, are part of an outfit available for free on XStreet.
~The cross necklace is free at Lostwood and the hair is a fatpack free at Amacci.

Dress:  Petunia September Freebie Little Black Dress 1L 
Boots:  EVA Cream Canvas Boots (all parts are color and texture change)  Free 
Necklace:  Lostwood The Cross Chain  Free 
Earrings:  Dark Mouse September Gift Tarnished Onyx Earrings  Free
Stockings:  Dawn’s Freebie Black Fishnet Pantyhose with Seam   Free on Xstreet
Skin:  Tuli Hope VIP Group Gift Pale Star  Free 
Hair:  Amacci Hair Adena Platinum Blonde  Free 

Poses by:  LAP    and  S.LOVES Duckie Hunt Gift  Free

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