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More Subtleties of Summer and September Gifts

Renee covered a lot of the Subtleties of Summer Hunt already, but I went around and picked up a few other things this morning that I really liked.  Lots of good stuff in this hunt!

(click for larger)

~One of my favorite things is this dress from [1-800-Bettie’s].  It is just adorable, and I love the fabric texture she used, as well as the bows and the peek of lace. 
~The top on the right is from  *Minettes and has very nice textures and shading.
~The necklace on the right is the September Group Gift from [fairy tails].  I have been very impressed with everything I have gotten from them.   The bracelet is free from Lostwood.

Dress:  1-800-Bettie’s S.O.S. Gift Summer Chiffon Dress  Free
Jewelry:  Twisted and Spoiled Princess Set (color change) Lucky Chair Gift  Free 

Top:  *Minettes S.O.S. Gift Strawberry Swirl Top  Free 
Shorts:  HenusakiLoveCreations  S.O.S. Gift Blue Jean Shorts  Free 
Bracelet:  Lostwood Warm Glossy Bracelet Free 
Necklace:  [fairy tail] September Gift  Free


(click for larger)

~This tank from BOOM, I realized after I took the pics, Renee already covered.   But it is really nice.  ;p
~I put it with the cropped cardigan which is the gift from [Miseria].  This sweater is so beautiful textured and will be so versatile for fall.  I love it!
~The jeans are part of the gift from RAWR Revolution and are very nicely textured and come with 2 different prim cuffs.
~The sandals are free during the month of September from SF Designs are are color change.

Sweater:  [Miseria] Subtleties of Summer Hunt Gift Ash Cardigan Mulberry  Free 
Jeans:  RAWR Revolution Ripped & Rolled Jeans  Free
Tank:  Boom Subtle Creek Hunt Tank 4  Free 
Shoes:  SF Design Caroline Sandals (color change)  Free 
Necklace:  Lostwood Pearly Necklace  Free


(click for larger)

~These tanks from Mixed Nuts were another one of my favorites of the hunt.  And you get a fatpack!  (I realized when I was editing photos that the one on the right is not completely rezzed.  Plz look at the one on the left. ;p)
~The shorts, which are fab are from HenusakiLoveCreations.  I adore these also!

Tops:  Mixed Nuts S.O.S. Gift Lacy Tank Fat Pack (shown in violet and blush)  Free
Shorts:  HenusakiLoveCreations  S.O.S. Gift Blue Jean Shorts  Free 
Necklace:  [fairy tail] September Gift  Free 
Necklace:  Ticky Tacky S.O.S. Gift Peel Me a Grape Necklace   Free
Bracelet:  Lostwood Warm Glossy Bracelet Free 

Used in 1st 3 photos:
Hair:  Truth Gabby Espresso  (imma pretend Truth named this after me ;p)
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Endless Summer Free 
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha 09 Nougat 
Poses:  KS2Cool Pose Package 7 (new set!)  5L

*Update:   I was able to get in world and check the links.  The links as listed should take you to the correct store locations.  They are not direct URLs to the prizes though. 


(click for larger)

These two camisks are the September Lucky Board prizes from Analise and Haven Designs.  They are both really well done and I got very lucky with a couple of well placed wildcards, and won both of these fairly quickly!  yay!

Camisk 1:  Analise *tal* Caged Camisk Superstar Lucky Board Prize  Free
Camisk 2:  Haven Designs Peek-a-Blue LC0909 Lucky Board Prize  Free 
Hair:  Truth Belinda Sangria
Eyes:  Wild Lilies Cape Shelley Eyes  Free 
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Smokey
Poses: LAP

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