Twisted Hunt 2009

Okay…so a lot of the stuff from the Twisted Hunt isn’t quite my style…I am not a gothy, alternative chick at all.  But I did some of the Hunt yesterday and there is a lot of really cool stuff, regardless of whether it is MY style…the things I am showing are things I think were high quality.  You are looking for small, purple, revolving boxes.

But…if you do the hunt for nothing else…do it for this Twisted and Spoiled outfit, which totally rocks!

(click for larger)

~This outfit includes everything I am wearing, tank, jacket, shorts, armband, necklace and boots!  The texturing is amazing, and again…Twisted and Spoiled has done an amazing hunt gift!
~This hair is a free gift from MeteroRain and you just need to click the sign here to get it.  It comes in a color called dimgray…so I tinted it to red, and it took the tint very well!

Outfit:  Twisted and Spoiled Twisted Hunt Gift #11  Free 
Hair:   MeteoRain Female Hair3 dimgray (I tinted it red)  Free 


(click for larger)

This is a mash up of a bunch of different hunt items, so I will just list everything in the details…but the outfit can also be worn as a dress.  And the robotic arm parts, which I think are very cool…come with a bunch of other parts in the gift.

Hat and Arm Pieces:  Burning Chrome Twisted Hunt Gift #9 Mini Tophat and Metal Arms  Free
Outfit:  Adore & Abhor Twisted Hunt Gift #126  Hobble Goblin (also can be worn as Dress)  Free 
Hair:  Dreadlocks @  Discord Designs Twisted Hunt Gift #36 Ruin Onyx   Free
Shoes:  Heart & Sole  Twisted Hunt Gift #46  Locked Blue   Free
Earrings:  Earthstones  Twisted Hunt Gift #97 Twisted Crystal Earring Amethyst   Free
Skin:  Tuli Hope Pick Rewards Sept 09 Tan  Free


(click for larger)

I don’t like how this picture came out…my face looks weird.  But I didn’t want to go back and redo it either, and you can see the funky little house, so I am just calling it good.  ;p  And I guess maybe my face would look like that if I was hanging around the Creepster Hut. 

Dress:  Dilly Dolls Twisted Hunt Gift #85 Molly Dear Dress (8 colors)   Free 
Shoes:  A-BOMB Twisted Hunt Gift #32 Juliet Ankleboot   Free
Hair:  Vixen Twisted Hunt Gift #43 Selenite Spice Light (3 colors)   Free
House:  Sugar.Snap.Me Twisted Hunt Gift #134 Creepster Hut by Mar  Free


(click for larger)

These are a couple more mash ups of various hunt items.  But I did want to mention the earrings from ChaosLotus.  There are 6 pairs of bolts, screws and nails…and the are all texture and color change!  They are very cool!

Jacket:  Snatch Twisted Hunt Gift #45 Chilling Coat  Free 
Jeans and Face Tattoo:  DarKCatZ Twisted Hunt Gift #77 Toxxic Jeans and Toxxic Skull Face Tattoo  Free
Top:  Pop Tart Twisted Hunt Gift #76 The Believer Naughty Top  Free 
Hair:  Vixen Twisted Hunt Gift #43 Selenite Blackmail (3 colors)    Free
Necklace:  Twisted and Spoiled Twisted Hunt Gift #11 Twisted Cross Necklace  Free

Neko parts:  Passionate Neko Twisted Hunt Gift #49 Halloween Tail Pumpkin Razor   Free
Shorts :  Pop Tart Twisted Hunt Gift #76 The Believer Tattered Jeans Shorts  Free
Earrings:  ChaosLotus Twisted Hunt Gift #139 Screw Earring (6 different pairs)   Free 
Tattoos:  Emi’z Custom Tatz Twisted Hunt Gift #143 Get Your Bloody Paws Off My Tits!  (comes in hand prints also) Free 
Hair:  Vixen Twisted Hunt Gift #43 Selenite Platinum (3 colors)   Free



(click for larger)

This outfit…would be so awesome for Halloween.  Yes…that is a bleeding heart sticking out of my chest, held by a robotic arm.  AWESOME! 
And the coffin would be a great prop for Halloween. 

Dress:  Likka House Twisted Hunt Gift #57 Look My Heart Gown  Free
Hair:  Deadkitties Twisted Hunt Gift #27 Butterfly Queen  Free
Coffin:  Nocturna Gothic Designs Twisted Hunt Gift #8 Noctura Coffin   Free

Poses:  Long Awkward Pose Poop Hunt Gifts  Free 

Special thanks to my friend Mya…I wouldn’t have found half of these without her help!  <3!!

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