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Hey! Hal*Hina Happiness!

Hal*Hina is celebrating their birthday with 8 lucky boards full of hair… the style I’m wearing, in two colors, with a 2 minute letter change.  In other words, stand there for maybe 5 minutes and you are pretty much guaranteed a WIN!  And this adorable skirt is a freebie right at the landing spot.  I matched it with a tank top from *+curious+*, which was part of a pair on sale for $25L.   I love the texture on this, and the fact that it comes on on layers.   It’s from one of 5 two packs on sale.  The scarf is from the *Ray Skin* group gift 1 (in store).  I love Ray Skin, but often the stuff is a bit too “cutesy” for me.  Fortunately, it always seems to be fully mod, and in this case, I just selected “edit linked parts” from the edit menu and buried the bows inside.   The belt is this weeks dollarbie from Kosh and I love it’s grungy  feel.  It’s mod, so even though it’s oversized (and possibly meant for a guy) it shrunk to fit nicely.  I did have to play a little “attachment mambo” and attach it to my stomach (which means you have to reposition) so I could wear it with this skirt.  The skin is Lisa Tan 01 from Cybernetic (still a Linden).  And lastly, there on my shoulder, is about the cutest damn thing ever.  Gabby TPed me yesterday to the MM at Animinimals and this morning, this guy arrived when I logged in.   He sleeps, he waves, he blinks, he chats, and he enchants!

Hair – Hal*Hina Lucky Board
Skirt – Hal*Hina Gift Maximum skirt (free)
Shoulder Pet – Animinimals MM  (currently at 70 of 100)
Eyes – Tuli – Intense eyes blue (former group gift)
Tank – *+curious+* Sweetsweat tank kahaki – 25L
Skin – Cybernetic Lisa Tanned 1 – 1L
Scarf – Ray Skin group gift
Belt – Kosh “Jaw Vice Belt” 1L
Shoes – Duh! Slip-on Clogs Olive – 25L
Poses – [LAP] Poop Hunt (previously blogged)

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