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Philotic Birthday Gift

It’s Aemilia’s birthday, and she’s giving us the gift.  In the middle of the store is a gift box, priced at 50L with 8 hairs, all in my favorite Philotic shade, Mochachino.  There’s also a cute heart collar, and two purses I’m not showing.    For women, the 4 styles are “Jessica”, “Pepper”, “Enda II” and “Vanora” (worn in the large picture).  For men, she’s included “Harrison”, “Indy”, “Pace”, and “Rae”.  I’m  also wearing the dress I got as part of a Cupcakes Gift Bag for $250.  The bag comes with three different tones of the Romance skin line (fair, pale and tan), a shape (I’m not wearing) and 4 sets of eyes (I’m wearing the blue, there’s also Hazel, Grey and Violet).

Hair – Philotic Birthday Gift – 8 styles, all in mochachino, 4 for Guys, 4 for Girls – $50L
Dress/Skin/Eyes – Cupcakes Gift Bag “Romance” skin line – $250L
Shoes – Duh! Slip-on Clogs, Grape.

Poses: PDA

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