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Dark Mouse Sale, Kitsune Hunt, Tuli, SySy’s and STC

I am working in RL in an attempt get my house ready to go on the market, so I haven’t been taking much time to blog.  But several things have caught my eye in the last couple days so I took some time to take some pics today.

(click for larger)

~This gorgeous goth skin, from the Tuli Hope line, which is one of my most favorite skins, is a new gift for the Tuli VIP Group Members.  It costs 250L to join but it is sooooo worth it!  I am not a goth type chick but I can see me wearing this skin a lot.  It is so beautiful.
~The dress is from a Midnight Mania at Multiple Personality Designs and is adorable.  I looked around the store but it doesn’t seem to be available to buy, so you need to hit this board to get this dress.  Look around while you are there because everything in the store is 1-5L!
~The jewelry is from Dark Mouse and she has added a bunch of new stuff to her sale section.  Everything on the sale boards is 10-50L, and her jewelry rocks.  I love all of the stuff I have from her and wear it all the time.
~The eyes are an Opening Gift from Silhouette Shapes and are just gorgeous!

Dress:  Multiple Personality Designs Midnight Mania Prize #6  Free 
Jewelry:  Dark Mouse Triple Pearl Strand and Earrings  25L 
Eyes:  Silhouette Opening Gift Marble Blue Eyes  1L 
Skin:  Tuli Hope Goth Natural PU  Group Gift   Free 
Hair:  AY.LinE Black Key Hunt Prize  Olive Kuromame  Free 
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes (used throughout)
Poses:  Desire 


(click for larger)

~A notice went out today to the SySy’s Group about this new Dollarbie dress in the store.  It is so cute, and also comes with a bolero that I forgot to take pictures of. 
~The skin is the latest Mother Goose Dollarbie and I think it is cute and fun.  And I was suprised how nice the bodies are on these skins. 
~The hair is one of two new Simply Britnee Dollarbies, and the jewelry is from the Dark Mouse  sale.

Dress:  SYSY’s 50’s Now Dress Emerald  1L 
Jewelry:  Dark Mouse Dripping Pearls Necklace and Earrings  25L
Hair:  Simply Britnee Dollarbie Luna Llena (all colors)  Diablo  1L  
Eyes:  Wild Lilies Phoenix Green Eyes  Free 
Skin:  Mother Goose DoNNa Skin 1L
Poses:  Desire 


(click for larger)

~This dress is the latest group gift from Sweeter Than Candy, and comes with a bunch of different skirt options.  You can get it by hitting the subscribomatic in the store.
~I added the latest freebie from fri.day, this cute belt, which you get in 3 colors!
~The eyes are a freebie that has been out for a while at Wild Lilies, but Renee blogged then again a couple days ago.  I put mine on again and realized I had forgotten how nice they are!  There is also a green pair available for free now, which I used in the picture above.
~The hair is the other Simply Britnee Dollarbie and the necklace is free here, and the little wingy things on it are color change!  There are also a couple cute tops under the necklace vendor.

Dress:  Sweeter Than Candy Group Gift Calico Nights Purple  Free 
Belt:  fri.day Wide Waist Belt (sugar.plum)  Free  
Necklace:  H&I Gift Necklace 0003 (color change)  Free  
Eyes:  Wild Lilies Cape Shelley Eyes  Free
Hair:  Simply Britnee Ella (all colors) Rojo   1L 
Skin:  Adam n Eve Portia Tone 3 Dark Natural – Unreleased  (thank you, Sachi!) 
Pose:  Oh!Poses Special MPD Gift  10L  (these were out this morning but now seem to be gone)


(click for larger)

~There is a hunt going on in the Heart & Sole sim to celebrate Kitsune moving in.  You are looking for gift boxes and they are pretty easy to find.  I found a bunch in the Kitsune store and got some great stuff, including the skirts in the pictures above.
~The tank and scarf are from the gift row boats at the Black Market and the Buckle Bracelets are from Dark Mouse and are only 10L for 4 colors!

~~ A word about Cybernetic Skins
The skin in these pictures is from the 1L sale at Cybernetic.  A friend of mine spoke to the designer to find out how long the sale will last.  He told her that he has marked the skins down to 1L permanently, because he is tired of working for days on a skin, only to have it copybotted within hours of the release and the ripped copies being sold all over the grid.   I think this is a very sad commentary on the state of business in Second Life. 

Skirt:  Kitsune Heart & Sole Hunt Gift 1  Nippon Skirt Stripes Red  Free 
Top:  Miseria Black Market Freebie  Hook Tank  Free 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse All Colors Buckle Set (shown in black)  10L
Scarf:  BALACLAVA!! Black Market Opening Gift Smee! Scarf black  Free 
Leggings:  Apple May Designs Picks Reward Duo Tone Leggings Silver   Free
Hair:  Truth Ingrid Cocoa 

Skirt:  Kitsune Heart & Sole Hunt Gift 6 Haute Skirt  Free 
Bracelet:  Dark Mouse All Colors Buckle Set (shown in blues)  10L 
Top:  Naive Berry Tee Hope 
Leggings:  Apple May Designs Michael Leggings (part of outfit) 
Boots:  Shiny Things Chucky Ribbon Boots Black 
Hair:  Truth Maddy Mahogany 
Poses:  Desire 
Skin in both pics:  Cybernetic Skins Lisa Tanned 3   1L 

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