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Bare Rose is 4 Years Old

Bare Rose is 4 years old and June Dion is celebrating in a big way.  There are events all this weekend, and plenty of giveaways… the catch is, you have to be a member of her VIP group, and you join by making a purchase, wearing the item, and then waiting for a store employee to offer you a membership.  If you’ve never shopped at Bare Rose, you are in for a treat.  This is some of the most amazingly detailed and colorful fantasy and period costuming on the grid, and it’s unbelievably low priced.  Plenty of her more basic ensembles are 100 Linden or less.  And virtually every piece comes in a range of colors so you get a lot of wardrobe bang for very little Linden buck.

The events this weekend include a group only treasure hunt.  If you’ve done her hunts before, this is very similar.  TP to a skybox, get a notecard, follow the clues to buy an object which has a part of the outfit, move on to the next skybox.  The Warlock outfit below (there is both a men’s and a women’s version) is your prize for solving the riddle of the Warlock and the Black Dog.

In addition, there’s a VIP room with lucky chairs (2 minutes between letters) and some extra gifts… and of course, the random gift orb is handing out prezzies while you wait.

Bare Rose Women’s Suits in Brown (also comes in blue, green, grey, pink, purple) – gift in VIP room
::Duh!:: Brown Leather Pumps

Bare Rose Simple GL Dress – Random Orb Prize
::Duh!:: Black Suede Boots

Bare Rose Blue Mist – VIP Lucky Chair Prize
::Duh!:: White Patent Stiletto Boots

Skin in All – Cupcakes Enchanted Sepia Classy Broad – Group Gift
Hair in All – Truth “Elle” Mahogay (not free)
Eyes in All – Modd G Storybook Eyes – The Tide Draws In – Group Gift
Poses – KSCreations

And here’s a closeup to show you those eyes and skin, and to remind me to look into prim lashes!

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