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Black Keys Hunt, Ivalde, BINA and TRUTH!!

I did a bit of the Black Keys Hunt the other day, and found some nice stuff that I wanted to show you all.  I have not done the whole hunt, so I am sure there is a lot more stuff available, but I haven’t had time to finish.  *shakes fist at RL* 

Plus there are a couple other cute things I want to show you…AND…..NEW TRUTH HAIR!   *throws all my lindens at Truth*

(click for larger)

~Ivalde has released a Rezzday gift which will be available for free only until the 23rd.  It is this gorgeous retro style dress.  I put a belt from Random Fashions with it for a little extra something.
~To keep with the retro theme, I wore the latest Cupcakes Group Gift skin, with it’s dramatic red lips.  
~The hair is a dollarbie from Simply Britnee and comes in all colors.
~The jewelry is from the Twisted and Spoiled Lucky Chairs, and the jewels are color change!

Dress:  Ivalde Rezzday Gift Morina Blue  Free 
Hair:  Simply Britnee Caliented Dollarbie (all colors) 1L 
Skin:  Cupcakes August Group Gift Enchanted Classy Broad Sienna  Free 
Belt:  Random Tunic Belt Green (not sure if available) 
Jewelry:  Twisted and Spoiled Princess Set (color change) Lucky Chair Prize  Free  
Shoes:  Pixel Mode Cocktail Shoes – Blue Lagoon 
Pose:  S.LOVES Sundance Lucky Board Prize  Free


(click for larger)

Now for some Black Keys Hunt Stuff.  There is a list of stores and hints here.   Due to lack of time, I went through and picked off some stores that I was familiar with and liked everything I got!
~This dress is from Twisted and Spoiled and comes with 2 skirt options, jewelry and shoes!  They always do such nice hunt prizes!
~The necklace I am wearing though, is the male *ICED* Black Keys Hunt gift, which I sized down to fit me. 
~The bracelets are the Black Keys Hunt Gift from Ticky Tacky.
~The little hat is one of several available for free at Perturb/ations.  Very cute!

Dress:  Twisted and Spoiled Black Keys Hunt Gift Black Key Dress  Free 
Necklace:  *ICED* Black Keys Hunt Gift Men’s Metal Pendant (sized down to fit)   Free 
Bracelet:  Ticky Tacky Black Keys Hunt  Free
Hat:  Perturb/ations Flirt Dresshat Black*Stripe  Free  
Hair:  Truth Maddy Mahogany 
Pose:  MNK Shop  K**stand Female Poses 20L for 5 poses


(click for larger)

~These cool boots are the Black Keys Hunt Gift from +DV8+ and come in both female and male sizes. 
~The pants are the Black Keys Hunt Gift from Gbberish.
~The hair is the Black Keys Hunt Gift from AY.LinE and also has a male version. 
~The top is part of the Honey*Soul Subscribomatic Gift, which is actually a dress.  It looks cute just as a top though too!
~The tattoo is from the CyberStar Body Art Midnight Mania board.
~The bracelet is a group gift from +grasp+.  Join the group and touch the sign at the store.
~The pose is from a new faery set by S.LOVES ,which are adorable, and there are 2 of the poses available for 1L at the Free*Style Store.

Boots:  +DV8+ Black Keys Hunt Gift Hades Boots (male and female)  Free
Bracelet:  +grasp+ Group Gift Leather Bracelet    Free  
Pants:  Gbberish Black Keys Hunt Gift  Windsor Trousers  (behind display) Free
Hair:  ++AY.LinE Black Keys Hunt Gift Olive [kuromame]   Free 
Top:  Honey*Soul Subscribomatic Gift Polka Mini Top Only   Free
Tattoo:  CyberStar Body Art Midnight Mania Mehndi Tattoo  Free 
Belt:  M’z Sculpted Belt (from mini skirt)    
Pose:  S.LOVES   Faerie 06  – 2 poses of the set available at Free*Style  for 1L


(click for larger)

~These awesome boots are the latest Group Gift from Studio M’z.  Touch the sign to join the group, then touch the vendor and get the gift!
~The jeans are free from Doux Petite Dahl.
~The hair is one of 2 styles available for free at Find Ash.  Both are short styles, so are unisex.

Boots:  M’z Group Gift Laceup Middle Boots B.Black  Free
Jeans:  Doux Petit Dahl The Jeans Faded Black Mainstore Freebie Gift [4]    Free 
Hair:  Find Ash “FA” Normal Hair [Free 3 color set]   Free
Top:  Sn@tch Plaid Corset Blue
Corset:  [paper.doll] Black Corset  (store closed)
Necklace:  *ICED* Black Keys Hunt Gift Men’s Metal Pendant (sized down to fit)   Free  
Pose:  MNK Shop  K**stand Female Poses   20L for 5 poses


(click for larger)

So here, finally…are two of the new Truth hairstyles, just released today.  They are AWESOME!  I think Veronica might be my favorite Truth hair to date! 
~The outfit is in the Midnight Mania board at BINA, and it rocks!  It would be great for medieval or gorean role play, and can be worn like a bazillion different ways.  It comes with 4 skirt options, 3 top options, 2 different ties, a hair ornament, and cute little rope sandals!  All for FREE if the board locks!  So take all your friends! 

Outfit:  BINA Slutress Orange Midnight Mania Prize
Hair:  Truth Veronica Night
Hair:  Truth Belinda Cranberry 
Poses:  Reel Expressions 

A couple things…sorry for the length of this post, but I have been holding off on blogging, so I had a lot of stuff to show.  Also, you may have noticed a new feature, that you can click on the pictures to see a larger verion.  Perion discovered how to do this, so I will try to include it in my posts.  It has always bugged me how small the pictures ended up on the blog.

Used throughout:
Eyes:  Poetic Color Endless Summer Eyes  (former freebie) 
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes 
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha Nougat (except in the 1st picture)

  1. Renee Harvy
    August 21, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    I’m considering just arranging to have all my venders pay Truth directly. 😐

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