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I’ve got relatives visiting (they are currently otherwise occupied) and not a lot of time to be on SL or blog, but there are a few quick things I want to show you.  So forgive the way it’s all sort of thrown together :p

From Vixen, the new picks reward hair “Meadowsweet” in Blackmail.  From TackyStar (In the House of Munster Group) “Something of Lilac” medium no vein eyes  (and I love the size range Tacky Star eyes come in… 5 choices, and three of them are flippin huge, of which I am a fan).  From Aimesi Designs, the skins big group gift “Elana Tan Face 1”.   From studio m the “Aliya” in Grape top, an in-store dollarbie.  It comes with shorts too, but I paired it with the Zanzo group gift “Athletic 69 Shorts” in chocolate.  The necklace is from Shine, and is their DSN offering “Enchanted” in teal.  From the Crayon Hunt, the “Crayon Bag” from Nano*Style, the “Crayon Hunt Skybox” from Kusshon, and the Planet Blue “Big Book” pose set.  Each of the crayons has a different cute pose.   The skybox is very unique, and has an urban kid’s street seen feel, with grafitti all over the walls and ground.  This hunt is HARD, and I had to make liberal use of the “hints” page here (which is really just the slurls of the participating retailers, but at least I was able to move on when I couldn’t find the crayon).

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