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Skin Fair and ProPoser Hunt

Renee and I did the ProPoser Hunt this morning, and I was absolutely thrilled with everything we got.  A lot of the poses are couples poses, which we will show you later, but I also picked up a lot of single poses, both from the hunt, and some in store freebies.  This hunt is great, not only for the prizes but also because of discovering all these pose stores.  I had no idea there were so many! 

Also, the UVogue Skin Fair is running through the 19th, and there are several really nice dollarbie skins available.  I already blogged the Staged skin, but I went again this morning, now that the lag has died down, and found several more.

~This skin is by dhR and I think it is really lovely.  Very nice body details and really pretty lips.  The nose, eye and eyebrows are all really well done also. 
~The outfit is from BOOM for the Skipping Stones Hunt and the hair is a recent release by Truth.
~The poses are by Ana-Nations are are freebies in the store.  There is also a Hunt Gift in the store.

Skin:  dhR F02-S Summer Green Skin Fair Dollarbie  1L 
Outfit:  BOOM Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Rhapsody Raggedy Ann  Free 
Hair:  Truth Marianne Pumpkin
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes Light Green
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes
Poses:  Ana Nations   Free 


~This pretty skin is the Skin Fair Dollarbie by Symphony Skins.  I really like this skin a lot…the lips are just lovely.  The Symphony Skin booth also has these sculpted lashes for free, as well as several other gifts.
~The neko tail and ears are a freebie at Perturb/ation, and are awesome!  The tail is scripted and the details on both the tail and the ears are beautifully done. 
~The dress is a current freebie by Ema’s and is tintable.  I, of course, tinted it red.  I always go for red. ;p
~The poses are by Snooky’s and were dollarbie cupcakes…there are several spread around the store.  There is also a ProPoser Hunt Gift here. 

Skin:  Symphony Skins Limited Edition Skin Alto Pheonix  1L 
Lashes:  Symphony Skins Sculpted Lashes  Free
Neko Tail and Ears:  Perturb/ation  W:o:W: 2week Gift Rose Tail and Ears  Free 
Dress:  Ema’s Checkered Dress Tintable  Free 
Hair:  Magika Hair Hate Me Blonde D  10L
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Vibrant Colors Brick Beaded Necklace 
Poses:  Snookys Poses 1L Cupcake Pose   1L


~This skin is by Imagen and comes in several different tones for 1L.  It is very young and fresh looking. 
~The necklace is the Skipping Stones Gift from Bliensen +MaiTai and the shoes are the hunt gift from Pretties by JB. 
~The skirt is a freebie by IZUMIYA and you get it in a bunch of different colors for free outside the Peppermint Blue Store.  There are a slew of carts outside that have cheapies and freebies. 
The poses are by Pididdle for the ProPoser Hunt.

 Skin:  Imagen UVogue Dollarbie Lis – Oeste – Deep Gloss  1L 
Skirt:  IZUMIYA *PB* Skirt Green  Free 
Necklace:  Bliensen + MaiTai Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Embroidery Necklace  Free
Shoes:  Pretties by JB Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Summer Breeze Flats  Free 
Tank:  Ohmai HighRise Tank Cabbage 5L 
Eyes:  MADesigns at Fabulous Fashion TV Blue Hopeful  Free  
Lashes:  Symphony Skins Sculpted Lashes  Free 
Hair:  Truth Maddy Mahogany 
Pose:  Pididdle ProPoser Hunt Gift Hayfever  Free 


Cupcakes has a special makeup of their Enchanted Skin line at the Skin Fair for only 100L, and you get all tones, both freckled and non-freckled!  It is a beautiful skin and what a bargain that is!

I am showing it 3 of the 5 tones.

Skin:  Cupcakes Enchanted Limited Edition Skinfair Goldlust  5 tones w/ and w/o freckles 100L
Hat and Top:  Surf Couture Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Top, Hat and Chewing Wheat  Free
Overalls:  Sadie Overalls 1L
Hair:  Truth Genie Carrot and Truth Marianne Pumpkin
Poses:  POSEbility Attitude Poses 1L    and  Reel Expressions ProPosers Hunt Luth Limited Edition Free 

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