Uh, yep.

Sometimes you see a skin or an outfit on a blog, and you think.  Yeah.  Today I feel like this.   It’s 100 degrees in real life, but I’m cold, and I’m beat up,  hair hanging, eyes red and the pool’s sprung a leak.  Welcome to Thursday afternoon.




Skin – My UglyDorothy – Madam Goth – 50L (includes shape)
Shape – My UglyDorothy UGLY UGLY UGLY FACE!!!!!
Eyes – Visions of Death – Rotten Toe Group Gift
Horns – Doll Horns – Rotten Toe Group Gift (texture change)
Hair – Medley Kimberly Black (old dollarbie) (my link doesn’t work.. not sure it’s still there)
Shirt – Mother Goose’s Shirt- Yellow Check
Skirt – Sweeter Than Candy Rocker Black Plaid (8/1 Group Gift)
Socks – Miel MI Nee Highs Navy (Skipping Stones Hunt Gift)
Shoes – Duh! FatPack Color and Texture Change Sneakers (grey) $150L
Scarf – Mine (I might put it in the store some day)
Pool – {soap} Leaky Pool –  (has a cool pose I’m not showing) (Skipping Stones Hunt Gift)
Poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade “Some Girls” (Skipping Stones Hunt Gift)

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