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Some Skipping Stones, Staged Skins and Slow Kitchen

Today’s post is being brought to you by the letter “S”.  ;p

Renee, Hallie and I did the Skipping Stones hunt the other day.  I am going to show you a few things I liked. One of the things I liked the most, though,  has been blogged a lot already, so I didn’t take pictures of it…but the Second Spaces Patio Porch…you need to go get that.  It is adorable.

Renee also gave a great gift for the hunt, her Duh! Work Boots in grey, for both men and women.

I made this outfit with some other cheap and free stuff out right now. 
~The leggings are the August Pick Reward Gift from Apple May.  They come in 2 colors, silver as I am showing here, and I think the other color was olive.  Why don’t I write these things down?
~The glassses, which rock, are a free gift from *+Crie Style, and are color and texture change. 
~The shirt is by Reek and for only 5L you get this Fail shirt and an Ohmy shirt.  Very cute!
~The bangles are part of the jewelry set which is the Ticky Tacky Skipping Stones hunt gift.
~The leg bandana is free from LikeA but I tinted it to match the red in the shirt.  In the advance menu, “show color under cursor”…that is the best thing ever.   You can tint anything to match anything else if it is mod.
~Oh, and the Magika half price sale is over, but!!… there is now a huge wall of 10L hair!!   I found a bunch of really cute styles, ones I don’t remember even seeing before, although the notecard says they are older styles.  I love the one I am wearing here, called Hate Me.

Leggings:  Apple May Designs August Pick Reward Duo Tone Leggings Silver  Free 
Top:  Reek Fail Girls Tee  (includes Ohmy Tee also)  5L
Boots:  Duh! Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Grey Leather Work Boots  Free 
Bangles:  Ticky Tacky Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Banjee Girl Bangles Free 
Glasses:  *+Crie Style Free Gift Glasses  Free
Bandana:  LikeA Bandana Red  Free (tinted to match Tee) 
Hair:  Magika Hair Hate Me Black A  10L   
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha 09 Nougat 


There is a Skin Fair going on right now.  I didn’t stay long because the lag was terrific, but I did sneak in and get these 1L skins from *Staged*.  This skin is very nice…the body is very well done, and the face is very pretty.  The makeup in the 1L skins is called peacock, so the eyeshadow is a bit bright for everyday wear.  You get both pale and tan, and 2 makeup options in the 1L gift box, as well as the bikini.
I will say, I am not a big fan of the nipples or private bits on these skins.  But if you don’t get naked a lot, that would not be an issue.  😛  
The hair is the Lucky Board prize from Roge right now, and the bangles are free at Ibizarre

Skin:  *Staged* Cerra Pale Peacock2  1L 
Bikini”  *Staged* Liquid Metal Bikini Teal (in skin gift box)
Hair:  Roge Hair 30 Cherry Lucky Board Gift   Free 
Bangles:  Ibizarre Bracelets Gold/Brown  Free 


~The little red tartan mini dress is the gift from Acid & Mala for the Skipping Stones hunt.  It is really cute, and I just noticed when I put it on again today that it is slightly sheer, which is very sexy.
~The hair is another one of the Magika 10L wall deals.  Also very cute!
~The jewelry in the first pic is the full set of the Ticky Tacky Skipping Stones Gift.
~The red tartan babydoll dress is the current group gift from Slow Kitchen.  Join the group and touch the board to get the gift.

Dress 1:  Acid & Mala Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Red Tartan Minidress  Free 
Jewelry:  Ticky Tacky Skipping Stones Hunt Gift Banjee Girl Set  Free 
Hair:  Magika Hair Play Black A 10L
Shoes:  Shiny Things Belles Black 
Skin:  Laqroki Tasha 09 Nougat 

Dress2:  Slow Kitchen Group Gift Holtert_wanpi  (? no idea…that is the description)  Free 
Hair:  Roge Hair 30 Cherry Lucky Board Gift   Free 
Bangle:  *YourSkin&YourShape* Wooden Bracelet  Free 
Skin:  Tuli Hope VIP Group Gift Star Skin  Free

Used throughout:
Eyes:  MADesigns at Fabulous Fashion TV Blue Hopeful Eyes  Free 
Poses:  MNK*Shop   20L for pack of 5 poses 

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