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New Lily Skin By Exodi

Ryker Beck of Exodi released her new Lily skin today and very kindly dropped a review pack on me.   Thank you, Ryker! 
These skins are just lovely, and I have been watching Ryker’s teasers on Plurk, and drooling!  Every skin release by Exodi just gets better and better.

I just adore the lips on this skin.  They have a beautiful soft shine and glow.  You get 2 brow options and 2 make up options with each skin, including faded, which I think is great. 

This is the Errands makeup in faded with light brows in the Cedar skin tone.   The nose is fantastic and the blush is just right.  Such a soft and natural look. 

This is the Cherry Skin tone, and the body is fantastic as usual.  Exodi does one of the best bodies on the grid in my opinion.  The have a lovely glow that makes me think of how you look right after a day at the beach.  The belly is nicely toned with a wonderful belly button.  Awesome collarbones and wonderful knees.   All those little touches that go into a top quality skin. 

I adore the Exodi butt.  The little dimples on the lower back are just adorable.  The skins have perfect shoulder blade shading, and a mole here and there for a totally realistic look. 
I am not showing the private bits, but they are fantastic as well.  You can demo those on your own and check them out.  ;p

Here are a couple other make up options and 2 of the other skin tones:

Cherry skin tone in the top 2 photos and Elm and Dove in the bottom 2 photos.

Head down to Exodi and demo these skins.  The skins are only 800L per makeup which I think is a fabulous deal!

Skin:  Exodi Lily 
Bikini:  Exodi Maci Bikini Plum
Eyes:  MADesign at Fabulous Fashion TV Blue Hopeful  Eyes  Free  
Lashes:  Cake Bedroom Lashes 
Hair:  Truth Romy Night 
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose    and Pretzel Poses 

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