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Crayon Hunt, [Paper.doll] and Amacci Hair

So the Crayon Hunt started today which, to be honest, I hadn’t heard about until I got a notice from [Kusson].  I headed over there and picked up their prize and moved onto the next landmark and got stuck immediately.  *laughs*  So, I went back to the beginning.  By the 3rd stop, where I was dropped on the roof of some very large mall (o.O) , I was stuck again!  I decided maybe I need to wait and do this hunt when I am more alert.  Or something.  😐

But I did get a couple cute things!

This ginourmous book with crayon poses is from the 1st stop, Planet Blue.  The rabbit ears and tail are from ::Schoen:: which is stop #2.  I love these…look at how cute that tail is!!  *squeees and dies*  I am never taking it off.  ;p

This outfit I put together to go with my new bunny tail and ears, cuz it needed something cutesy.  The cropped hoodie is from Paradisis which I covered yesterday.  This is in the history of their subscribomatic, I believe it is option #1. 
The cami is free at fri.day, and the shorts are part of the closing sale at [paper.doll], which ends tomorrow, I believe. 

Book:  Planet Blue Big Book Crayon Hunt Prize  Free  (look up, over door)
Ears and Tail:  ::Schoen:: Crayon Hunt Gift Brown Rabbit Ears and Tail  Free
Hoodie:  PARADISIS Sweeties Group Gift Hoodie Subscribo – Check History   Free
Shorts:  [paper.doll] Low rise cut offs  10L 
Top:  fri.day basic cami white  Free 
Flip Flops:  [ON] Flip Flops Grape  Free
Bracelet:  Pretties by JB Moxie Bangle – Hues of Purple
Hair:  Truth Marianne Pumpkin 
Poses:  Vago  and Pretzel Poses


This adorable hair is free at Amacci Hair, and comes in 45 colors!  I am wearing it in different colors for the rest of this post.
The tops are from the closing sale at [paper.doll] and are only 10L each.  There is also hair, which Renee mentioned for only 25L per color, and skins for only 50L!

Top1:  [paper.doll] Babydoll Top – Red Roses  10L 
Hair:  Amacci Hair Adena Warm Red  Free
Necklace:  Bliensen + MaiTai Necklace Sleeping Flowers 

Top2:  [paper.doll] Grecian Blouse Crimson  10L 
Hair:  Amacci Hair Adena Black Coal  Free 
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Dripping Pearls Necklace Silver 
Jeans:  DCNY Basic Black Jeans 
Poses:  Desire 
Pictures taken in the cute [kusson] skybox that is the gift for the Crayon Hunt.  Read the notecard that comes with it, it has a bunch of poses built in.  Free


These bikinis are available in 5 colors for free from fri.day.   The eyes are part of the Fabulous Fashion TV gift from MADesigns.  There are also several hairs, for both men and women, and one of the men’s is a texture change hat hair that is really cute and I keep forgetting to take pictures of.  It is unisex, so it is worth checking out!

Oh, and the necklace is part of the ::Schoen:: Crayon Hunt gift and is really cute.  It has little crayons hanging on it.  I forgot to take a close up.  Remind me not to get up at 7:30 on a Sunday morning to take pictures ever again. 

Bikinis:  fri.day free.kini (4 colors)  Free 
Necklace:  ::Schoen:: Crayon Hunt Gift Crayon Necklace  Free
Hair:  Amacci Hair Adena Henna  Free 
Eyes:  MADesigns Fabulous Fashion Gift Blue Hopeful Eyes  Free 


These super sexy bikinis, which come in 5 colors, are the August Subscribomatic Group Gift from Miamai.  They send nice gifts out quite frequently.

Bikini:  Miamai August Group Gift Bikini  (5 colors)  Free 
Hair:  Amacci Hair Adena Dark Wine Free 
Eyes:  MADesigns Fabulous Fashion Gift Blue Hopeful Eyes  Free 
Poses in bikini shots:  Long Awkward Pose 

Skin used throughout:  Lara Skins Devon Red 

  1. Brittany
    November 14, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    Is that PARADISIS Sweeties Group Gift Hoodie sold anywhere?? Ive been looking for something that loooks just like it..
    Is it just a computer generated picture? or can it be bought somewhere?

  2. Renee Harvy
    November 16, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Gabby’s very busy these days, so I’ll try and answer… everything she’s wearing in any of her blogs was available at the time the blog was posted. Gabby is extra careful about checking that. But stores rotate merchandize, and gifts/hunts end, so this far out, it’s pretty unlikely that the item would still be in the subscribomatic (as that hoodie was at the time). Your best bet is to visit the store, and if you don’t see the item for sale, perhaps send a nicely worded notecard to the creator, asking if it’s still available. On occasion I’ve had designers actually drop free copies of gifts on me by doing this, but please use good judgement about not bugging a creator unless it’s something you just HAVE to have. Paradisis is here : http://slurl.com/secondlife/PARADISIS%20Creations/189/50/35

    And you can find out the creator’s name by inspecting or editing any of the items inside (it’s Ankhari Tammas)

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