Go As You Are

I was delighted to rezz this evening to see a group notice from AM Radio announcing that Husk is back! From the notice:

For those who haven’t seen husk, you’ll see some familiar visual elements, in quite a different setting. The Woodstove is now free. Look around to find it.

Being a huge fan of AM’s work, and not recalling seeing Husk before, I immediately tp’ed right on over to take a look around. Naturally, I expected to be awed and I wasn’t disappointed… AM’s exhibits are works of art, truly. This one is no exception.

If you haven’t seen Husk or any of AM Radio’s exhibits, be sure to seek out his profile and tp to every pick he has listed. Look around, admire, enjoy, buy, and most importantly, donate to Heifer International (http://www.heifer.org/), a cause AM Radio donates his proceeds to. Read all about it at The Far Away, another one of his fine exhibits.

I went as I was, wearing:

Hair: Tukinowaguma, Sumire Black 2

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma A tan

Jewelry: Touche, Fruitylicious Silver Jewelry Set – Cherry

Shirt: Touche, Fruitastic Top – Green

Capris: Chicaholic Ladies Capri Jeans

Shoes: Shiny Things, Dare Pumps – Lime

Poses: Desire




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