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Renee FTW!

Against my sanity! Woot! \o/

I was changing my clothes, as you do, when Renee popped on and bestowed upon me her latest creation — texture changing sneakers! How many textures? SIXTY. That’s SIX-ZERO, people! And the sneaks come in black AND white. Oh, geez. Options! Options! Too many freakin’ options! *goes insane from the pressure*

I took a deep breath, decided on the white sneaks and went from there. And then… after several hours of mixing and matching and texture changing and dressing and re-dressing and sobbing uncontrollably… I called it good.

Hair: Cake – Crave – Thick Black

Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma A tan Dk Brows

Eyelashes: EDDESIGN eyelashes 7 – Black

Tattoo: Inimitably Design, Tattoo Butterfly Swirls

Necklace: :+:U&R DOGS:+:+*R*+: Burla Necklace (I swear, I own a copy of this store’s entire inventory)

Rings: :+:U&R DOGS:+: :+*R*+: Traumerei Ring (see? I wasn’t kidding.)

Shirt & Tank: Abandon, part of the >>CB<< SydneyBlue outfit

Jeans: NonaHoo Designs, Medium Blue Ripped

Socks: Ducknipple, Prim socks, Blue

Sneakers: ::Duh!::  Color & Texture Change /White Sneakers

Of course, I’m not going to clog up the blog with pictures of every texture/color change option (cuz that would probably be a bit obnoxious), but I will show you some of my faves!

Cute, cute, CUTE!
Congrats, Renee, on another job well done!! /me loves. ❤
  1. Renee Harvy
    August 2, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Oh, and you make them look good!

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