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Umi Usagi Sweetness

New group gift out in the Umi Usgi Store.  “Rabbit Green Angel” has resize scripted prim parts but I couldn’t make it fit my regular shape.  It’s meant for a very slim silhouette.  The good news is that the top of this dress is very finished and just lovely without the prim flowers, so anyone can wear it.  I love Umi Usagi’s sweet feeling and incredible detail.  I decided to be matchy-matchy and put it with a green shrug (old dollarbie from Project Kiwi) and my sneakers in “natural” shades (this is olive).  The skin is the Rockberry hunt gift Gabby blogged below (over at the new Fusion sim). I left the lips untinted so you can see how versatile this skin is.  The sunglasses are the sweet new group gift from Miel!

Skin – Rockberry Uma DDOS Hunt Gift Tan Tint –  Dog Days Of Summer Hunt Gift
Hair – (Dernier Cri) Audrey Brown Shades – $245L
Dress – Umi Usagi “Rabbit Green Angel” Group Gift in Store
Shrug – Project Kiwi Shrug (lime) – $40L for 3 colors (former dollarbie)
Socks – Maitreya Prim Sock Olive – $75L
Glasses – Miel Bella Peepers (subscribo group gift)
Jewlery – Primagine Sandy Bracelet and Earnings (DSN)
Shoes – Duh! Color Change “Natural” sneakers – $25L

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