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Rockberry Does It Again!!

A new Uma skin gift!!   *faints and dies*   I adore the Uma skin by Rockberry and when I saw a notice go out last night that there was going to be a new gift skin for the Fusion Crossing Opening Hunt, I think I might have squealed.  Just a ‘lil. 
The Opening officially kicks off tomorrow,  August 1st and runs until the 8th.
The hunt item you are looking for is a hot dog, but I don’t think many of them are out yet.  Rockberry’s is though.  YAY!

LOOK at this skin!!

It is so perfect!!  The lips are tintable, and I made them a bit deeper pink.  They eye makeup I just adore, it is such a lovely shade of deep sea green, with a hint of smokey.   I am not wearing prim lashes, because I wanted you all to see the lovely painted on lashes.  This skin really doesn’t need prim lashes!   The nose…the brows…perfect!!!  /me loves A LOT. 


The body is so soft and lovely.  I just love everything about this skin….can you tell?  ;p

The tattoo and bangles are also available at the Fusion Crossing sim.  The tattoo is by [HUZ] and is available in a gift box for 1L.  The bangles are by Zaara and are 5L in the Fusion Crossing store.  They are on a small table towards the back of the shop.

I flew around some, but I didn’t see many of the hunt prizes out.  I am not sure if every store will have a prize or not. 


The Uma Gift skin comes in 4 tones.  I have shown natural in the pics above, and here is tan and light. 

Another huge win by Heather of Rockberry!! 

Note:  Direct TP’s do not seem to work in the Fusion Crossing Sim.  You will land in front of a TP board, which seems to work sometimes.  ;p  But the sim is well laid out and easy to navigate, so if the TP’s don’t work, you can fly. 

(Update:  The Rockberry Direct TP is working)

Skin:  Rockberry Uma DDOS Hunt Gift Fushion Crossing Opening  Free 
Hair:  Junwave Lise LB ver*H Nut  Lucky Board Prize  Free 
Tattoo:  [HUZ] Gift Angel Tattoo  1L  
Bangles:   Zaara Indian Bangles 5L 
Pasties:  I ❤ Rien Ribbon Pasties Subscribo Gift  Free
Bikini:  SWIM Slice of Summer Hunt Gift Bikini Bottom   Free
Eyes:  Reale Vivid Eyes Greenish Blue 
Shoes:  Stiletto Moody Bare Ingrid Black
Poses:  Long Awkward Pose

  1. Perion Leominster
    July 31, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    I’d hit it.

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