Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personality Designs is a cute little store that sells almost everything for 1L.  I got a notice today about a new release, and one of the colors of the new dress was sent out as a Subscribomatic gift.  I tried on the dress and was very impressed with the quality and design.  I had been intending to blog about MPD’s Mix and Match Bikini sets, which are an incredible bargain, but when I got the new dress today, I decided to expand on the post. 

The pink halter babydoll is the new release called Power Surge and comes in about 6 patterns, each one only 1L.  I think this dress is adorable and I love the retro style patterns the designer used.

I am wearing the new Lucky Board hair from Junwave, that Renee covered below.  I got a notice this morning and popped in to check it out and G was on one of the boards!  Yay!   There was an R too, so I tp’d Renee in, so that was a sucsessful trip!  This style is just adorable and I am totally going to be stalking that board to get this on my alts.  There are 3 boards with this style in blonde, brown and black.

The shoes are by Duh! and comes in a whole bunch of colors for only 20L each.

The MPD Mix and Match bikini sets, come in a whole range of styles and colors, each for only 1L.  And in the set, you get several different styles of bikini tops and bottoms.  These are definitely worth checking out!  I am showing it with the ring halter top and the string bikini bottom.

The bangle and earring set is by Dark Mouse and I think it was only 50 or 100L.  I can’t remember but it was very reasonable, plus there is a board towards the front of the store with a bunch of sale items.  Dark Mouse does fabulous jewelry, and you also want to subscribe because she sends out a group gift most every month. 

Dress:  MPD Power Surge Pink Subscribomatic Gift  Free 
Hair:  Junwave Lise LB Gold Lucky Board Prize  Free 
Skin:  Lazolli Julia skin 02B  1L  (upstairs, in the 2nd row of the Julia skins)
Shoes:  Duh! Black and White Bow Pumps – Pink  20L 
Anklet:  U&R Dogs Cinderella Hunt Prize Cinderella Anklet  Free  (i think this hunt is ending soon)

Bikini:  MPD Mix & Match Bikinis Circles  1L
Bangles:  Dark Mouse Colorful Bangles and Beaded Hoop Earrings
Hair:  Junwave Lise LB Gold Lucky Board Prize  Free 
Skin:  Lara Skins Aida (previous freebie) 


I went to the MPD store to check out the other colors of the new Power Surge dress and got this one.  Again, I love the retro pattern. 

The necklace is from the Dark Mouse sale board and is only 25L, and there are several colors to choose from, and comes with earrings!
The hair is from the Diversity Hair Sale which you all NEED to check out.  The demos are all free, which brings me to an issue I wanted to mention.  
Not to create drama, but there was another hair sale I heard about, so I went to check it out.  I am not going to mention the store, but I found a demo priced at 185L.  (which is NOT the sale price or the regular price)
That really sort of turned me off…it seems that would be a difficult mistake to make, and so many people would not notice that before they bought the demo.  Plus, all their demos cost 1L each.  I guess I can understand that people can make quite a lot of money from demos that way, but for me, it makes me hesitate to try that many demos at a given store. 
At Diversity, because the demos were free, I picked up almost every one in the store, and ended up buying a lot more as a result, I am sure.  What do you all think about charging for demos?

Dress:  MPD Power Surge Orange 1L
Necklace:  Dark Mouse Vibrant Colors Charcoal Beaded Necklace  On Sale  25L per color 
Hair:  Diversity Hair Lira Titan Red 100L for 4 shades 
Skin:  Tuli Hope Tan Sultry


This is another outfit I picked up at MPD.  This comes with the skirt, a tank and the shrug.  I did need to retint the skirt.  You may be aware of one of the glitches that one of the newest SL releases created.  Designers used to have to tint prims gray, and this skirt is still tinted gray.  Simply edit it and change the tint to white and the skirt matches perfectly. 
The shoes are also from MPD and are only 2L per color!

Outfit:  MPD Sweet Morsel Mauve 1L
Shoes:  MPD Canvas and Cork Platform Shoes  2L
Earrings:  U&R Dogs Cinderella Pierced Earrings  1L 
Hair:  Diversity Hair Edge Maroon Red  100L for 4 shades 
Skin:  Tuli Hope Blogger Gift Skin 

The two pictures above were taken at Alirium Gardens & Fall Into Decay, which is an amazing and beautiful build!


I took these pictures a couple days ago and keep not being about to work it into a post, so I am just going to put it here!
This lingerie is a Subscribomatic gift from Ornamental Life, and comes in about 10 colors!   Very cute, and very worth hitting the subscribo.  Ornamental Life does wonderfully textured clothing.

Lingerie:  Ornamental Life Subscribo Gift Hickory Tree Lingerie Fatpack   Free 
Skin:  Lara Skins Adella  Free 
Hair:  Truth Charlotte Sangria

Used throughout:
Eyes:  Poetic Colors Slice of Summer Hunt Gift Summer Star Eyes  Free 
Poses:  Desire   5L/pose or 30L/set

  1. Perion Leominster
    July 30, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    Here’s my take on charging for demo hair: I’m not a designer or a seller, so I don’t feel I’m in any position to judge anyone for the price they place on their products.

    As a consumer, however, I find that I will try on far fewer demos when they cost me. Sure, they’re only 1L each, but those add up, and I’m certainly not blowing 30L on a bunch of demo wigs I can’t do anything with.

    So, if I see a style that is to die for and the demo has a price tag, I’ll part with the linden to take it for a test drive. Short of that, it gets bypassed.

    On the other hand, if I’m in a store with free demos, I’ll try the majority, if not all, of them on…. which generally leads me to buy more.

  2. Gabby McCullough
    July 30, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    That is exactly how I feel, and you said it so much better than I!

    I am still sort of flummoxed by the 185L demo though.

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