This post is going to be diverse…going from medieval style gowns to current and barely dressed.  And also…there is a hair sale going on now at Diversity Hair!   Hairs are only 100L for each style and you get 4 shades!  Diversity has some gorgeous hair, so you must go down and pick up some demos!   And don’t forget the wall of dollarbies while you are there!

So first up…I saw a blog on FabFree about Mystic Sky, a store which specializes in period, role play and medieval gowns.  I headed down to check it out, and was blown away by the quality of these gowns.  I want all of them!  They are just gorgeous.  As I was looking around, I noticed there was a Lucky Chair and it was on G!  Woot!  I love when that happens. 

I won the Arya Gown in brown and white.  It has beautiful texturing and details, and is just lovely. I adore it. 

The white gown is a Free gift for the women, as well as the Flower Headdress in Lavendar.  There is also a free medieval outfit for the men.   Take a trip down and check it out…you won’t be disappointed!

The hair is Lira by Diversity Hair and is one of my favorite hairs by Diversity

Gown 1:  Mystic Sky Arya Gown White  Lucky Chair Prize Free
Gown 2:  Mystic Sky Medieval Woman Outfit Free 
Headdress:  Mystic Sky Medieval Flower Headress Lavendar  Free 
Necklace:  ***PISA*** Pink Moonstone Diamond Necklace Free 
Hair:  Diversity Hair Lira Spiced Red  100L (4 shades) 
Poses:  Desire    5L/pose or 30L/set


Now to more modern…Cupcakes is spoiling us again and sent out these cute little dresses in 2 colors!

They are adorable.  If you haven’t joined the Cupcakes group yet…what the heck are you waiting for?!

The hair is Shyane by Diversity, another of my most favorite of their styles.  They also do some really cute short hair, so if you like short styles, you should check out the sale. 

The necklace, by [fairy tail] for the Slice of Summer Hunt,  I blogged previously, but it is texture change so I am showing it in the other 2 colors of wood you can choose.  The cord is color change also to about 10 different shades.  I love this piece!

Dresses:  Cupcakes Random Dress Group Gift Striped Mini Dress Pink and Teal  Free  (100L join fee)
Hair:  Diversity Hair Shyane Toffee Blonde 100L Sale (4 shades) 
Necklace:  [fairy tail] Slice of Summer Hunt Gift Wood Choker (color change)   Free
Skin:  Lara Skins Devon Red 
Poses:  Bingo Random Poses  Free 


And the complete other side of the spectrum from Medieval gowns…slinky bathing suits and tattoos!

This sexy bathing suit is 1L or free, I can’t remember now, at DCNY.  I love the back of it…it gives great butt.

Swimsuit:  DCNY 2009 Swimsuit Black Promo Gift  1L or Free  
Hair:  Truth Stephanie Night


This tattoo is free at Cyberbodyart.  It is very nicely done, and they also have a Midnight Mania there.  The prize has been different each time I have gone, so that is also worth checking out.

Tattoo:  Cyberbodyart CSBA Freebie Dirty Upper Tattoo  Free
Pasties:  I ❤ Rien Ribbon Pasties Subcribo Gift  Free 
Skin:  Lara Skins Adella  Free 
Hair:  Truth Twiggy Espresso
Poses:  Desire 5L/pose or 30L/set

  1. Perion Leominster
    July 29, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    SOMEone got her connection fixed! Woot!

  2. Gabby McCullough
    July 29, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Yeah…no. Someone is just demented and goes in to take SL pictures even though she is freezing every 10 seconds.

    He couldn’t fix it…it is something wrong with the lines. Someone will be by “sometime” to check the lines. 😐

  3. Perion Leominster
    July 29, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    You want I should make a phone call? I can be quite persuasive…. and pretty damned scary.

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